The Legend of Victor Standish

5 books in series
3.5 out of 5 stars 11 ratings

The Legend of Victor Standish Publisher's Summary

The Legend of Victor Standish - think True Blood meets Super 8 meets The Walking Dead.

Beware French Quarter nights. Every city has its secrets. New Orleans more than most.

New Orleans is the most haunted city in America where Voodoo was big business, slavery even more so, and no government official or newspaper dares to tell the truth.

Into this strange world arrives the street orphan, Victor Standish, from Charon's Greyhound. Charon has to keep up with the times...the End Times. Victor has survived mean streets, but now he must cope with Zombie Love and the haunted French Quarter.

If Voodoo, vampires, and the Apocalypse fail to kill him, he must survive the deadly love of the Victorian ghoul, Alice Wentworth. And why does the Angel of Death keep following him?

©2013 Roland D. Yeomans (P)2013 Roland D. Yeomans
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