The Heston Grange Mysteries

3 books in series
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The Heston Grange Mysteries: The Cryptic Lines & the Enigma of Heston Grange Publisher's summary

Set in a sprawling gothic mansion in a remote coastal location somewhere in the British Isles, volume one begins in the middle of a violent storm and tells of the elderly recluse Lord Alfred Willoughby as he tries to decide what is to become of his vast fortune after his death.

Whilst his head is telling him to leave nothing at all to his wastrel son, Matthew, his heart is speaking differently. After much deliberation, in a last-ditch attempt to try to show his son the importance of applying himself to a task and staying with it to the end, he devises a series of enigmatic puzzles cunningly concealed within the lines of a poem - the cryptic lines. If he completes the task successfully and solves the puzzles, he will inherit the entire estate; but if he fails, he will receive nothing.

However, from Lord Alfred's Will it emerges that Matthew is not the only interested party. The mysterious old house holds many secrets, and nothing is as it first appears.

Volume two ramps up the tension even more: What enigma is concealed within the darkened halls of Heston Grange? And where, exactly, is it hidden?

“With the thunder and lightning outside increasing in ferocity, Charles read and reread the words. Like his name on the envelope, the words of the message within had also been typed – this communication contained no actual handwriting whatsoever. At length, Charles allowed his hand to fall to his lap, the message still held between his fingers. Had there been anyone else present in the room, the words would now have been visible to all. The message read: We know your secret.”

If you have yet to set foot inside this crumbling old mansion, this new two-volume bundle is your perfect opportunity to do so.

But dare you enter?

©2021 Richard Alan Storry (P)2021 Richard Alan Storry
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