The Heart Tides Series

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Watching the Water Publisher's Summary

In Watching the Water, book 1 of the Heart Tide series, Julianna Sheffield is a rogue wave, one that doesn't want to land on the shore it seems destined for. It's 1934, and the currents pushing her include an unscrupulous father determined to keep the family solvent during the Great Depression, a mother suffocated by the bubble of high society, and a greedy fiance named Leyton, who is proving why his name rhymes with Satan. 

Julianna longs to chart a different course. She wants to help the widows, farmers, and polio victims her family forced into the bread lines. She wants to exchange teacups for drinking milk from the jug. And she dreams of a man named Jace McAllister, another rogue wave who wants to love her but fights the seas bringing them together. Jace also has a heart for those who are Depression-weary, but his method of helping includes retribution. His reasons are his own but connected to Julianna's family. 

For this seemingly doomed couple, moving forward brings on storms of rage, moral dilemmas, and difficult personal growth. Their love could be the kind that is impossible to live out...or the kind from which legends are born. The outcome of their journey depends on how carefully they navigate the waters.

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