The Future Templar

3 books in series
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Epoch Publisher's Summary

His blaster ran dry as he made the top of the hill. 

He had a second to look behind him at the villagers that surrounded the base of the rise. Whatever was in the cave was worth dying for, he thought. His First had been right. Hundreds of bodies were around him, men, women, even children. All dead to stop his Troop from reaching the cave. 

He was the only one left. 

He dropped the empty pistol and drew his sword. They would kill him, he knew. He wasn't afraid to die. It was drilled in them from the beginning. It wasn't death that mattered, only how many enemies you could take with you. And he planned to take them all. 

A battle cry raged from his throat as he took a running start and leaped off the hill. A multicolored cloud opened in front of him, snatched him from the air and catapulted him through a vortex of swirling lights, sound and color. The Templar realized the sound was his own voice, dragged out and ragged. He plopped out onto a sterile lab floor, rage coursing through his veins. The villagers were gone, replaced by metal shelves, metal tables and two men in white coats who stared at him in fear and wonder. He screamed again, lifted the sword and attacked....

Epoch is the sci-fi adventure about a warrior from the past kidnapped into a dystopian future where an AI rules with an iron fist. He's been brought to save the world, but does the Templar want to rule it instead? 

©2016 Christopher D. Lowry (P)2020 Christopher D. Lowry
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