The Enhancer Series

6 books in series
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The Enhancer Series: Books 1-3 Publisher's Summary

Ty Wilcox doesn’t really believe in superheroes. Then, one is murdered right in front of him.

Enhancer: Book One: Ty is just a normal guy trying to do his best. He’s single, stuck in a dead-end job with the most hateful boss in the universe, and struggling under a mountain of debt.

When he witnesses an impossible battle between two superpowers, every instinct he has tells him to run. Instead, he becomes the owner of a device that can change his life in ways he can barely imagine.

All he has to do is survive for long enough to learn how to use it.

Enhancer: Book Two: Ty Wilcox didn’t really believe in superheroes before he became one himself. Now, he has an incredible power he’s just beginning to understand, lives in a mansion, and is in a relationship with two of the most amazing women alive.

But when a flying, teleporting demon woman appears outside his work, the price of his new life becomes apparent. There’s a supervillain after the device that gives Ty his power. This villain will do anything to get it, and has an entire army at his command.

The price of Ty’s new life is never-ending danger.

Enhancer: Book Three: Ty is no longer the loser he had once been. He’s gone from zero to superhero, all thanks to a device on his wrist that brings a hidden power out into the light. Before Ty came along, only a few of the devices existed. But a secretive villain has learned how to make them, and one of New Lincoln’s most dangerous crime lords has a supply of them as well.

And now, superpower villains - even stronger than Ty - are stepping out of the dark.

The balance of power is changing, and not for the better. Does Ty have the power to stop it, even with his growing team of superheroines at his side?

Warning and minor spoilers: The Enhancer books are intended for mature listeners. They include light game-lit elements, occasional bad language, and are set in a cyberpunk alternate future. 

In these stories, you will find attempted murders, actual murder, home invasions, kidnapping, fights, betrayals, destruction of property, random deaths that can be considered self-defense, a really malevolent boss who treats Ty very badly, and a monstrous bad guy who treats him even worse. Most importantly, you will find gorgeous superheroes and beastkin beauties who are comfortable with unconventional, polyamorous, harem relationships, and there are waffles on offer as well. 

If you don’t enjoy a good time, these books aren’t for you.

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