The Azziarin

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Jakke: Paranormal Romance Publisher's Summary

This is a revised version of a book previously released in 2016. 

Jakke is the same book listeners fell in love with, but with more detail and scenes added. (Now over 52,000 words.) 

The Tureis invaded Earth, killing most of the population in their first attacks. Sydney found a way to survive, carefully avoiding anything alien. When she discovered an injured Azziarin lying in a dark alley, she went against every instinct and rescued him. After nursing him back to health, other Azziarins stormed her hideout, injuring her in the process. 

Unwilling to allow the injured female to be left for dead, Takkeo ordered that she be brought back to their ship. She had helped him, and he wouldn’t leave her behind. How was he supposed to know that his older brother Jakke would experience the mating fever with her presence? 

Jakke had no way of knowing that his younger brother Takkeo would bring a human female on board his ship. When the mating fever hit him full force, he tried to fight it. And then she went into heat. 

Arriving home, he needed to explain that he had accidentally mated her, and she couldn’t return to Earth. Then he had to explain things to her — the Azziarin culture, his father King Malick, and his consorts — could they all live together in harmony? Jakke certainly hoped so! 

A note to listeners: This is the culture of another planet, but there is no real cheating. Sydney would never stand for such a thing. There are sexual situations intended for mature audiences, and a happily ever after. 

©2020 Hannah Davenport (P)2020 Hannah Davenport
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