St. Merlin's Academy

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Smoke and Mist Publisher's Summary

Sarah’s life has never felt more out of control. After her parents die in a car accident, she’s been sent to live with estranged relatives she barely knows and thrust into a private school for the magically talented and super rich - of which she is neither. When Sarah finds an orphaned dragon’s egg in the forest, she thinks things couldn’t possibly get more complicated…that is, until she starts falling for Alex, the handsome trans pyromancer from her potions class. 

Juggling magic lessons, a baby dragon, and a blossoming romance keeps Sarah too busy to worry about her past. But when a series of gruesome magical murders starts happening on campus, Sarah suddenly finds herself keeping more secrets than she bargained for. When she starts to see Helen, the aunt who disappeared the night of her parents’ death, she begins to suspect that she’s the witch responsible for the deaths plaguing the school. 

Sarah must find the courage to face her past and uncover the truth about Helen and her parents, even if this means ruining her relationship with everyone she has come to love since moving to the city. Because if Sarah can’t catch the murderer, she and her friends just might become the next victims.

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