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Heaven and Below Publisher's summary

The series of three books I have written; analyzing and expanding the communications from various groups of spirits to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, are for the express purpose of explaining the reality - the organization, the process, the environment, the progression of spirits, the work, the daily life - of Heaven and the realms below to provide for those interested an understanding of why we are on earth, in our present physical form, and what is waiting for us when our dense shell is cast off and we return to the real world...the spirit world.

Heaven and Below - The Spirit World Revealed to an Anglican Vicar: Book 1 of Spiritism - Covers communications that pertain to three main themes:

  • Life in heaven
  • Lower regions
  • Appearances of Jesus in the spirit realm 

Many religions offer pictures of life after our spirit leaves our physical body. Most descriptions are hazy and prone to numerous interpretations. Spiritism, via communication from spirits who have been selected by high-level spirits, supplies us will real and actionable knowledge. Revelations in Spiritist literature presents an exciting picture of the bands of heaven and life therein. While a fuller explanation is extended about aspects of life and the organization of the regions below heaven.

The information provided is revelatory, amazing, and disconcerting. Our status of independent life forms, living a life shaped by random events, beginning and ending on earth is irrevocably altered by what was exposed.

If we look at our life as a one-time event, there is no advantage in not pursing the most hedonistic lifestyle possible - just as a child would consider the pluses and minuses between studying or playing. On the other hand, Spiritism lifts us up the mountain so we can see our lives arc over many centuries. One life is just one set of courses on the school of Earth. In between physical existences, we may either spend it in heaven or below. It is up to us.

Spiritism brings you the knowledge of why we are here, what is our goal, and the methods to achieve graduation from this planet.

Allan Kardec notified the world that doing our best to remove our baser characteristics and to learn to be more loving, fraternal, charitable, and honest with our fellow humans brings its rewards...life in heaven. While selfishness, envy, greed, and exploiting others practically guarantee a sojourn in the lower regions - where you either adjust your thinking or wait to improve in the next physical life on earth.

©2017 Brian Foster (P)2019 Brian Foster
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  • Book 1

    • The Spirit World Revealed to an Anglican Vicar: Book 1 of Spiritism
    • By: Brian Foster
    • Narrated by: Brian Foster
    • Length: 9 hrs and 52 mins
    • Release date: 11-26-19
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 5 ratings

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