Sabre-Toothed Cat

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Sabre-Toothed Cat Book Bundle Publisher's Summary

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Imagine recreating the saber-toothed cat for fun? The possibility sounds exciting, but the reality could be nightmarish. Within these pages you are drawn into in a world where man becomes the hunted. It is fast-paced fiction where cats change the rules and people run for their lives. “Tigers in the Wild” and a lucrative fee lure freelance writer, Zechariah Price, into the frozen mountains of Montana. The assignment drops him into a world of Bengal tigers, illegal aliens, prehistoric sabre-toothed cats, psychic premonitions and babies. As death by man and animal surrounds him, he quickly learns that he, too, is destined to become food for the cats. Trapped between man and beast, his assignment turns into that of survival. Welcome to a world where cats call the shots.

Sabre City

After eight years Zechariah Price assumes it is all behind him. Nightmares filled with huge sabre-toothed cats and women screaming still leave him in cold sweats, though less often. He had lost an eye the first time around; Tanya had fractured her back; their marriage had petered on the brink. There was no way he or any of his family was going to set foot in that Montana wilderness again. His 16-year-old daughter, however, decides otherwise and, in hopes of finding out what all the fuss was about when she was just a child, runs off to visit a Montana woman she found in a chat room. She discovers a lot more than she could have imagined, including who her father really was and how much she had inherited from him.

The Last Sabre

Three weeks after her mother’s death, Rebecca (Reba) Price cannot stand the oppressiveness filling her Texas home. Her sister, aunt and maybe even her father blame her. She cannot disagree. Hacking into her father’s accounts she takes what she sees as her rightful inheritance and escapes to school in Montana. She convinces herself it’s not to be near where her mother died nor near the sabre-toothed cats. However, as her freshman year ends, she is drawn back into those mountains, only to discover that the plot, which drove her mother to sacrifice herself for her family, is alive and well. As the body count rises--human and sabre-toothed feline--Reba must call upon all her inner power to find a way to bring it to a final end.

Running with Cats

Three women in black gaze over Zach’s memorial in Texas and then again later in Montana as they prepare to mix his ashes across Lake Tanya so that the two, Zach and Tanya, can finally be back together. It’s the events in between that have daughters, Reba and Christi, wondering if they’re on the road to becoming old maid cat sisters. Then Jaxton and Myranda Burchfield knock on their door wanting help in finding out their origins. Were they two of the cloned babies born in the bowels of Sans Sanssabre in the early nineties? Also, what happened to Lance Evans, Sans Sanssabre’s second in command? What happened with the property after the company went up in flames? “Take us there,” Jaxton says while placing a jaw-dropping amount of money on the table. Christi is excited for no other reason than Jaxton is fine looking and has his own Gulfstream. As far as Reba goes, she’s not excited at all. It’d mean two things. First, she’d be returning to where Smilodon still lives, the Sabre-Toothed Cats that at one time viewed Reba as their “queen”. So what if there were Blackfeet in her family tree. That was five generations back. There was no way she was the Spirit of Knifetooth Running Cat that was coming to take back the Blackfeet land."

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