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Roboteer Publisher's summary

The starship Ariel is on a mission of the utmost secrecy, upon which the fate of thousands of lives depend. Though the ship is a mile long, its six crew are crammed into a space barely large enough for them to stand.

Five are officers, geniuses in their field. The other is Will Kuno-Monet, the man responsible for single-handedly running a ship comprised of the most dangerous and delicate technology that mankind has ever devised. He is the Roboteer.

Roboteer is a hard-SF novel set in a future in which the colonization of the stars has turned out to be anything but easy and civilization on Earth has collapsed under the pressure of relentless mutual terrorism. Small human settlements cling to barely habitable planets. Without support from a home world, they have had to develop ways of life heavily dependent on robotics and genetic engineering.

Then, out of the ruins of Earth's once great empire, a new force arises - a world-spanning religion bent on the conversion of all mankind to its creed. It sends fleets of starships to reclaim the colonies. But the colonies don't want to be reclaimed. Mankind's first interstellar war begins. It is dirty, dangerous and hideously costly.

Will is a man bred to interface with the robots that his home world, Galatea, desperately needs to survive. He finds himself sent behind enemy lines to discover the secret of their newest weapon. What he discovers will transform their understanding of both science and civilization forever...but at a cost. But they broke free and evolved, and now the human race is almost finished.

Once we spanned dozens of star systems; now only four remain, and Earth is being evacuated. But the Photes can infect us, and among the thousands rescued from our home world maybe enemy agents. Tiny colonies struggle to house the displaced. Our warships are failing. The end of humanity has come. But on a distant planet shielded from both humanity and the Photurians, one hope may still live. The only person who might be able to intervene.

The Roboteer. He is trapped in a hell of his own making and does not know he is needed. And so a desperate rescue mission is begun. But can he be reached in time? Or will he be the last remnant of humanity in the universe?

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Product List
  • Book 1

    • Roboteer Trilogy, Book 1
    • By: Alex Lamb
    • Narrated by: Peter Noble
    • Length: 16 hrs and 52 mins
    • Release date: 08-17-17
    • Language: English
    • 4 out of 5 stars 30 ratings

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    Sale price: $21.81 or 1 credit

  • Book 2

    • Roboteer Trilogy, Book 2
    • By: Alex Lamb
    • Narrated by: Peter Noble
    • Length: 22 hrs and 36 mins
    • Release date: 09-21-17
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 14 ratings

    Regular price: $24.66 or 1 credit

    Sale price: $24.66 or 1 credit

  • Book 3

    • Roboteer Trilogy, Book 3
    • By: Alex Lamb
    • Narrated by: Peter Noble
    • Length: 25 hrs and 40 mins
    • Release date: 10-26-17
    • Language: English
    • 4 out of 5 stars 13 ratings

    Regular price: $14.22 or 1 credit

    Sale price: $14.22 or 1 credit