Quest for Tranquility

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Battle Lines: Revised and Updated Publisher's Summary

Peace may come, but chaos must come first. It has taken Banju many years and tragedies to learn that simple truth. Of course, it is difficult to discern one from the other when chaos masquerades as peace for so long.

Banju believes that he leads a humble and fulfilling life, until dark forces and the threat of war push him to leave his village and journey to the capital of Shallor to seek knighthood. It won’t be easy, as the historic Five Trials are designed to root out the weak.

Across the sea, Shallor’s sworn enemy acquires a relic thought long to be destroyed during the Eradication of Magic - the Golden Gauntlet, a mystical item that grants its bearer the ability to bend nature to their will.

Evil gathers its army, preparing for a devastating offensive. None can withstand it, but Banju will try. His skills learned as a blacksmith’s son give him a fighting chance in the trials, but soon, he discovers gifts of a different and far more mysterious kind - visions of things past and things yet to be.

Trying to come to grips with these strange new abilities, Banju must also overcome the grief of ghosts past and present. Banju’s quest for knighthood and tranquility eventually leads him across the sea and into a gruesome, decisive battle with the forces of evil.

©2013 Andrew Furstenberg (P)2020 Andrew Furstenberg
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