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Do you know what Python is? How much do you about Python for data science?

Python is a powerful programming language, serving a large number of purposes. It is a free and open-source programming language, and it is a very good programming language for beginners, especially for those who are interested to learn computer programming for the very first time.

With the help of Python, data manipulation, data visualization, as well as data analysis becomes very simple. Python also has all the libraries that are vital for every application of machine learning and scientific processing of data.

Now, the question is, why should we learn Python?

The reason is its versatility, object-oriented features, and flexibility. Most of the mobile and web applications we use have the abundance of Python’s libraries, different frameworks, a huge collection of modules, and file extensions. With data science gaining more popularity, the programmers need to have deep knowledge in Python, one of the languages required in data science.

That’s why you need a guide like: Python Programming: 2 Books in 1: Python Programming for Beginners and Python for Data Science by Matthew Python and Matthew Arduino. The goal of the book is simple: allow you to have a deep understanding of Python as a programming language.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What is Python
  • History; different of Python version, how to download and install (different OS) Python; preparing computer for Python; writing first Python program
  • Fundamentals of Python for data science
  • Installation of Python
  • The Python keywords: How to name an identifier, the Python statements, the comments, bringing in the Python variables, the operators, the Python functions, the Python classes, control flow
  • What are variables and strings
  • What is data science: history of data science, data science and artificial intelligence, data science tips and tricks
  • Why variables are needed; variable naming and assignment; static type and dynamic type; Python’s numeric data types; decimal mode; constant; formatting input and output function; some practice exercises
  • Operators in Python
  • Reasons why operators are necessary and what operands and operators are; arithmetic operators; modulus; squaring and cubing in Python
  • Python data types
  • Python numbers, Python lists, Python strings, Python set, Python dictionary
  • And much more!

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©2020 Matthew Python, Matthew Arduino (P)2020 Matthew Python, Matthew Arduino
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