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Phoenix Falling Publisher's summary

We all have a vision in our head of what the world is like. We have that same vision of our countries down to our communities. We even have a vision of what our family is like. But the reality is that we know nothing.

That might seem a little harsh, but it’s so true. We only know what we see or research. We only know what we’re taught. Some might reach beyond what they’re supposed to know, but still, we can’t figure it all out until we’re put to the test. 

When all is peaceful and right in the world, we go about our days without a thought of what tomorrow might be like. Sure, we dream of the future. We dream of getting older, of getting our driver’s license or our first kiss. We dream of having children, or traveling the world. We have a vision in our head of what we see as our own kind of utopia. But our vision isn’t the same as the person next to us. 

So who’s vision will come true? Is it truly the meek that will inherit the earth, or is it the strong? Is strength brutal force, or a whisper in the ear? How are we supposed to ever learn these answers if they aren’t taught to us? We can look at history and try to right wrongs. We can say we weren’t happy with the way we were raised and decide to raise our own children differently. We can damn the government and run for office to do it how we see fit. But what makes my ideas better than yours? What makes my vision of the world the correct one? 

This was previously released in 2012 as Midnight Fire: Rise of the Dark Angel. Significant changes were made in deleting and adding material and changing the storyline.

©2020 Melody Anne (P)2023 Melody Anne
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  • Book 1

    Phoenix Falling Audiobook By Melody Anne cover art
    • Phoenix Falling

    • Phoenix Series, Book 1
    • By: Melody Anne
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  • Book 2

    Phoenix Burning Audiobook By Melody Anne cover art
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  • Book 3

    Phoenix Ashes Audiobook By Melody Anne cover art
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  • Book 4

    Phoenix Rising Audiobook By Melody Anne cover art
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