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Ethnic Weapon Publisher's summary

Israel is decimated by a civil war and lies in runes as a billowing, black column of smoke rises from a forest clearing. A three-story building, built under the tightest security ever known, is burning out of control. A GMC Suburban, containing one pregnant genetic designer and four genetically engineered children, races recklessly away from the burning structure.

Twenty years later a vengeful genetic designer and five genetically engineered super humans join together to find the truth behind Israel's destruction. These super-humans, three women and two men, were genetically created to possess superior minds, enormous strength, and lightning speed. Arrayed against them is a FBI double agent, a vicious international assassin, and the Mossad, who will stop at nothing to destroy the world with a viral Ethnic Weapon. Will the deadly man-made virus infect the "Five" once they enter the new and bizarre jungle of Israel? Can they discover their genetic designer's secret agenda in time to stop it?or will they even want to?

In this first installment of the Nina Steel Adventure series, Ray Hansen takes you on a wild and exciting ride with these five genetically engineered super humans. Travel with the "Five" from their early childhood at the top-secret genetic engineering facility hidden away in the forest of Maine to their strange reunion as adults in Chicago and on to Israel to meet their destiny.

About the Players - This audio book was performed in audio drama format by four very talented actors, all well known on the Chicago stage for over 20 years, Mark Ulrich, Matt Penn, Cathy Nash and Mary Peterson. There were many challenges during production, not least of which was coming up with unique voices for the five primary characters, eight secondary characters and the twenty-five minor characters. It was truly amazing watching these actors, from the control room, shifting from one voice to another without missing a beat. Needing little direction they rendered the five hundred plus page script in just two weeks. Now sit back and enjoy Ethnic Weapon.

©1991-2012 Ray E Hansen (P)1994-2012 Ray E Hansen
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