Nerds Rule the School

2 books in series
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Nerdified Publisher's Summary

Revenge isn't just sweet; it's utterly satisfying.

Patrice should be proud of graduating to the freshmen class of Lakewood High. She should be excited about the new friends she'll make, the older boys eager to ask her out, the parties she'll be invited to. But no, that's not the high school experience that awaits her. Not at all.

Patrice is a nerd. Patrice has an instant arch enemy. Her name is Becky Worthington, and she's not only the prettiest girl in school with a way of getting everything she wants or could ever hope for, she's also the most relentless bully who ever existed.

From the very first day that Patrice sets foot on the grounds of Lakewood High, her life is pure hell. She's taunted, ridiculed, and reminded - every single day - just why she's so regretfully different. Worse yet, her tormentor is fueled by an annoying affinity for Starbucks; she never runs out of steam. While beautiful Becky flaunts her privileged life all over the school, Patrice grows all too familiar with what it's like to feel true hatred.

How ironic it is that Becky herself - essentially - is the inspiration for Patrice's sudden good fortune in the form of a brilliant scheme: an evil plan for the princess of Lakewood to fall from grace.

It's all just a dream, just a wild idea. Not even Patrice can guess just how her far-fetched idea will perform or if it even will. The fun part is that she doesn't even care.

At least she'll have tried. At least she'll have used her knack for organic chemistry to attempt to affect the perfect little life of the most popular, most horrible girl in school.

What ultimately unfolds as Becky unknowingly contributes to her own downfall, Patrice could never have guessed. And Becky would never expect in her wildest imagination...even if she was smart enough.

©2014 Tina Tirrell (P)2018 Ardour Press
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