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Narcissistic Parents

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Narcissistic Parents: 2 Books in 1 Publisher's summary

This audiobook is dedicated to all the victims of narcissistic parents I have met along the way and helped; to all those broken souls, those arid hearts, to all those abused children of yesterday and adults of today who struggle to love themselves.

Narcissistic parents see their children as "extensions" of themselves and not as people with their personal feelings, needs, and beliefs. In this context, children experience the discomfort of continually showing off as mom and dad want, without being able to afford the luxury of being themselves....

If you are listening to these words, you are probably struggling to understand your needs since you cannot distinguish between what you really want and what has been imposed on you. But how do you get out of this? Can you solve this situation on your own?

No, impossible without the right knowledge and tools. Wounds caused by years of psychological abuse can have a devastating effect on your life if not treated properly. By listening this audiobook, you will learn to:

  1. Recognize toxic, manipulative attitudes of your parents
  2. Deal with narcissistic parents and setting emotional boundaries
  3. Practice unreleased exercises to restore your sense of self
  4. Fill deep emotional wound and find how to love yourself
  5. And much more....

Do you really want to stop creating unnecessary havoc in your relationships by rewiring your sense of self and transforming into who you truly are? Then this book is all you need.

If you are ready to change, get your copy now.

©2020 Caroline Walton (P)2020 Caroline Walton
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  • Narcissistic Parents: 2 Books in 1 Audiobook By Caroline Walton cover art
    • Narcissistic Parents: 2 Books in 1

    • A Guide to Find Your Sense of Self. How to Handle Manipulative Parents and Recover From Covert Emotional Abuse
    • By: Caroline Walton
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