Muffin "Tails"

3 books in series
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Went Out to Get a Donut - Came Home with a Muffin Publisher's Summary

I am the Senior Trainer at PetSmart® in Lake Worth, TX, where Muffin's pet parent enrolled Muffin in training classes at our PetSmart® store.

At first, Muffin was scared and hid under her mommy's chair.

Muffin found out that training class was fun and interesting, and her mommy gave her treats and affection for doing her lessons correctly - what we call 'positive reinforcement'. Muffin became our 'star student!' Muffin graduated from her first level of classes-Beginner Education and is starting her second level of training soon. -Karen Barthel, Senior Trainer, PetSmart®

©2012 Laura W. Eckroat (P)2012 Tate Publishing
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