Mind Night Blue

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Mind Night Blue Publisher's summary

What is a story without love, desires, and, of course, sex? Well you end up in a world called Mind Night Blue.

What is Mind Night Blue?
It's a world in which creatures, who are very erotic, dwell.

Bampires, with a "B", crashed on earth. These creatures survive, not from blood, but sex. But not just any kind of sex...virgin sex! They also drink blood, of course, but only to blend their skin color with humans. Plus, they have one other ability: to enter your mind and sex you in anyway they please. Are you interested now?

There is this one Bampire, LB, who wanders the earth for decades without ever falling in love. Once he does, he kills the one true love of his life. What does he do? He tries to die to be with her, but is unable to do so. So one day, he finds a baby girl who gives his life meaning. He loses touch with her at one year of age, by sending her to live with humans. Now before her 20th birthday, he finds her again. He invites her to this parallel world called Mind Night Blue. This is where these lustful Bampires live. He starts to explain why he brought her there and is called away. When he returns, she is gone. Then he realized that his past has come to haunt him. Who is this person? What will happen in three days that is so important? Can he get to her in time before harm comes to her?

Warning 18+
(Graphic Scenes of Sex)
(Strong Language)
(A binge-worthy who-dun-it mystery)
(Adult content and theme)

Can you figure out what is going to happen before it's revealed?
Lets start by finding out who this girl is?

©2019 LB Harpdog (P)2021 LB Harpdog
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