Men Without Music

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In 2026, a highly addictive music app becomes very popular. The government moves fast and bans it, completely unaware that addiction is just a minor problem with the app. It is doing something deeper to human minds - turning them into violent murderers. 

Produced by Rainbox Studios, a Division of Rainshine Entertainment.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast series titled “Men Without Music” and all elements thereof is a pure work of fiction. The series is meant solely for the purpose of entertainment. This disclaimer informs listeners that the contents of this podcast may include strong language and accordingly listener discretion is firmly advised. The series does not intend to be a documentary / biography of any event and/ or any character depicted therein. The characters, organisations, relationship between the characters, businesses, locations, events, mention of mobile application(s) and incidents portrayed in this podcast series are fictional and dramatized for the sole purpose of entertainment. No actual or real-time identification of any actual persons, organisations, departments, locations, institutions is intended or should be inferred unless explicitly claimed in the series. Any resemblance to actual person(s) living or dead, organisations, departments, is purely coincidental and not intentional. No scenes/ clips/ podcast episodes should be construed to represent a true or accurate recreation of the actual events that transpired, if any. No part of the series including any character, organisation, event, plot or dialogue is intended to disgrace, defame, offend, malign or hurt the sentiments of any person (living or dead), gender, organization, religion, ethnic group, caste, community, class of persons, institution, profession or beliefs in any manner, whatsoever. The makers of the series and other persons associated with the series do not endorse and/or bear any liability for any content, views or opinions expressed in this series or for any issue arising in connection therewith.

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