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Hobson Hills Shorts: Volume One Publisher's Summary

Enjoy a collection of stories from the Hobson Hills Omegas series.

The Beta's Love Song

David Bartley is tired of being alone. Five years ago, he realized that he needed to let go of the man he loved and strive for a family and a future of his own. Unfortunately, finding Mr. Right when he is still in love with someone else is impossible. Despite the disappointment, he won't let that stop him from being happy. He's determined to start his family, with or without a man at his side.

Sawyer Gregor's heart broke the day his best friend left him without an explanation or a goodbye. He didn't understand at the time, but it didn't take long for him to figure out that he had lost his chance at real love. His marriage promptly ended, and he focused on raising his kids and finding the man that stole his heart. With a little interference from the Wilson family, Sawyer has an address. Now, he just needs to convince David to take a chance on him.

Bennett's Dream

Bennett Wilson should be perfectly happy. He has a loving husband, three wonderful children, and a house full of pets. His family and friends think he is crazy when he purposely gets pregnant with a fourth child. At his age, shouldn't he be eager for some "me time"? While baby Nate definitely makes Bennett and his husband Marco happy, when Bennett learns about a young trans girl in need, he knows they need to step it up. 

Marco Wilson is a laid back, perfectly content alpha. He has his Benny, his four kids, and his ranch. His life is full of purpose and joy, so what else could he possibly want? 

When his omega comes to him in tears, heartbroken for a young girl named Tali, Marco takes charge. He loves his Benny and will do anything to make him happy, even if it means adopting a million children. Marco just never expected to find his own happiness at the same time.

Justin's Journey

Justin Ames has lived on the outskirts of Hobson Hills for most of his life. While many of the people he knew had loving, supportive families, Justin only had his unreliable, pill-addicted mother.

For a long time, he believed that he could only trust and rely on himself. Then, he fell in love. He made friends. He started to build a future for himself. Now, Justin stands at a crossroads. One way leads to a lonely but emotionally safe life, and the other leads to love and the risk of a broken heart.

Tanner Jones is a simple man. All he wants in life is to love Justin and help his town stay safe. He knows Justin is prickly and scared of commitment, but Tanner believes they'll be together one day, so he stays patient and waits for Justin to be ready. Then tragedy happens, and life gets complicated and difficult for both of them.

Can Justin allow himself to trust his alpha and friends to carry him through his pain and grief? It's time to choose a path, and Justin must let go of his past to move forward.

Bonus Content: 

Grey's Gift

The Wilsons of Hobson Hills can be annoying and nosy, but they know the importance of supporting one another. When Grey is faced with an intimidating decision, the Wilson clan and their friends join together to show him that he isn't alone. 

This short story is a "slice of life" story. Each chapter focuses on a couple previously featured in the Hobson Hills Omegas series.

Author's note: The Hobson Hills Omegas series includes mpreg, a million pets, and a very loving family. It is light and fluffy romance with zero angst. The stories take place in the non-shifter Omegaverse. The Beta's Love Song, Bennett's Dream, and Justin's Journey are for sale individually while Grey's Gift is a new Hobson Hills short.

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