Herring Cove Road

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Before Herring Cove Road: Ruth Goldman and the Nincompoop Publisher's Summary

The prequel to Herring Cove Road series from the Not-So-Nuclear Family Saga series.

With her mother's death two years before, her father's recent marriage to a woman she doesn't get along with, and then, finding herself engaged to a man she isn't even sure she loves, Ruth Goldman has decided to take a year off to discover what she wants in life.

So, with a small savings, the support from her much older and lifelong best friend (her family's servant), and little knowledge of the common world, Ruth sets off to Cambridge, England. There she will meet some "different" characters, learn what life is like for a single, independent working woman during the Depression, and befriend a young man who makes up for his lack of looks with his wit, amusing idiosyncrasies, and his love for practical jokes.

On her adventure of self-discovery, Ruth will find more than she ever expected. Unbeknownst to her, a secret hides within her family that will eventually enlighten her to herself and to her past and permanently change the direction of her future.

©2017 Michael Kroft (P)2019 Michael Kroft
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