Good Grief, Idaho

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Good Grief, Idaho Complete Five Book Box Set Publisher's summary

This set contains all five books in the Good Grief, Idaho romantic comedy series:

Me and the Cute Catastrophe

Claire Harding

I was pretty happy with my life until the hot shot, all-state baller from my teen years moved back in next door. (I babysat him, yes, but I never changed his diapers. Just wanted to be clear about that.)

Guess who’s now the assistant b-ball coach?

Logic would say me–especially since I coached my entire first year holding the playbook upside down (it turned out to be an old football playbook from the ‘80s, so it’s not like it mattered which way I held it) but the accurate answer is Trey Haywood, my all-star neighbor, and I’m honestly not sure which of us is more upset about it.


Yeah. What she said.

And…when I first saw her again, I thought she was a catastrophe.

New thought post septic control: She’s a cute catastrophe. (And, holy man, can she kiss.)

Me and the Tidy Tornado

Tammy Fry

I thought it would be a good idea to buy a dog…. I ended up with an ATV I have no idea how to drive.

I’m not sure how this happened, especially since the man I purchased it from, Justin Gabriel, introduced himself by running his remote-controlled monster pickup into my high heeled shoe.


She’s tall and tidy, and man, when she gets serious about riding her machine, that woman’s a tornado!

This country boy is in love.

I'm not sure the lady feels the same.

Me and the Helpful Hurricane


It took me a while–most of my life, in fact–to decide that my hometown of Good Grief, Idaho, is the best place in the world to live. But I have, and I love it…except for one thing.

My boss.


What can I say?

She’s a hurricane.

Also, I think we might have broken some kind of workplace harassment rules when, after being tied up and slathered with honey, I kissed her.

But a man can only take so much.

I guess it says something about the kiss when I have to admit I bought another gallon of honey and borrowed my brother’s handcuffs–all (mostly) in the name of saving Good Grief’s senior living center.

Me and the Sweet Snowstorm


I was happy to use my influence to help my grandmother, Agnes, save her assisted care facility. I thought I was going to hate being out in the wilderness for days on end…bugs and bears and no internet or sushi bars.

To my surprise, I kind of…liked it.

To my further surprise, I found myself wanting to linger around our tour guide, Bain. He’s a rugged, outdoorsy type–not the kind of guy I’ve ever found attractive. But he was so good at what he did–just tough and rugged and unafraid of anything. Who doesn’t find confidence and competence in a man attractive?


Back east, I’ve heard they call those late spring snows “sugar snows” because of the maple syrup and such. For me, here in Idaho, I just call it what it is: perfect timing for me and my sweet snowstorm.

©2022 Jessie Gussman (P)2022 Jay Dyess
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