Enemies to Lovers Royal Romance

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The English Prince Publisher's summary

The five-book series omnibus of the contemporary, clean and wholesome, English prince enemies-to-lovers royal romances.

Book One - The English Prince and the American - She is a reporter for the New York Globe. He is the heir to the British throne. They don't like one another very much.

Upsetting the Prince of Wales by publishing untrue statements about him causes American journalist, Martha Kennedy, to immediately be in his crosshairs, but to then post a message on Facebook that has the whole of the UK up in arms, almost loses her her job, and angers the prince so much that he confronts her.

She sees him as a player, as a privileged man who shies from commitment—using women shamelessly and using his position to take what he wants. He sees her as an obnoxious, opinionated, shameless liar whose ambition as a journalist is put before integrity, honesty, and respect for his position.

When they begin to discover that there is more to each of them than appears on the surface, an intimate relationship seems possible, but the king—having taken against Americans, journalists, commoners, and independent women—does everything in his power to prevent such a relationship from blossoming. He might be desperate for his son to marry and settle down, but it would be over his dead body that he'd allow that to happen with the American. 

Book Two - The English Prince and the Reluctant Bride - He dumped her 10 years ago, and now the Prince of Wales wants to marry her. He won't take no for an answer.

Felicity knows that he doesn't love her, so why would she agree to such a preposterous proposal? Perhaps because she's never stopped loving or wanting him? 

Book Three - An English Prince Comes to Dinner - She thinks that he's the clown prince. He thinks that she's far too uptight.

They certainly weren't a match made in heaven, but when Prince Henry Edward Clarence becomes the new patron and figurehead of Lilly's small animal charity, and when he's booked to give the keynote speech at the upcoming fundraising dinner, they soon have to learn to work together. Love takes them by surprise, and they learn things about one another that bind them, but Lilly breaks a promise that shatters that love and leads to irreparable heartache. Trust is broken. Their relationship fails. This clean romance may not have a happy ever after.

Book Four - The English Prince and the Bad Girl

No two people could be more different. She was working-class, raised on a rough council estate, flamboyant, and a bad influence. He was a royal prince, straitlaced, and a strict rule-follower. He didn't want her teaching his daughter. She didn't want anything to do with him. Falling in love was completely out of the question.

A stand-alone enemies-to-lovers royal romance.

Book Five - An English Prince for Sale

A bidding war is expected for the hand of Richard, Prince of Wales. Several billionaires are keen to pay a huge amount of money to ensure that their daughter is the one chosen to marry the prince and become the next queen. But it's the 21st-century, and surely such a thing as selling one's son is no longer an acceptable practice?

The queen believes that she has no choice. The Sovereign Grant has been slashed, the civil list disbanded, and the future of the monarchy is in dire jeopardy.

It doesn't matter that Richard loves someone else. It doesn't matter that the lucky heiress will make a highly unsuitable member of the royal family, and certainly a far from perfect future queen. Richard must marry her, and it won't matter how many hearts are broken in the process.

©2022 Annie Gordon (P)2022 Annie Gordon
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