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Psychic Development Publisher's summary

Have you ever had the privilege of interacting with some individuals you would only refer to as strange, owing to the superhuman abilities they appear to have? You must have heard of people with special abilities such as those of predicting the future, conversing with spirits, knowing hidden things no one would normally know, and the like. Or perhaps you are one of those people and you either knowingly or unknowingly have special powers that have not fully manifested in you for whatever reason it might be.

Whether you believe psychic powers are real or a hoax, there is so much out there that science cannot explain since science is one of the biggest challengers of these supernatural gifts. However, it is important to consider whether science is the best tool to use to measure or even prove the existence of these powers and abilities since none of these powers fall within the boundaries of conventional science.

Furthermore, fraudsters who saw an opportunity for financial and other personal gains have been exposed to be the frauds they are, and such revelations have not been of help to the psychic community. However, regardless of how many fake psychics are out there, their numbers do not prove that this age-old knowledge and abilities are nothing but human imaginations.

The psychic community claims that every individual out there has more than the conventional common senses, with the other special senses manifesting in people differently and to different degrees. Experienced psychics claim that everyone has a psychic power, and all an individual needs to do is discover it, develop it, and exercise it in the best way he or she can.

The objective of writing this book is to shed light on the issue of psychic powers, telepathy, aura reading, and the interpretation of dreams. All these are strange to the mind bound by scientific reasoning, but that does not mean all these are false beliefs. Through reading this book, a beginner will learn to awaken his or her psychic abilities, develop them, and find a sense of self-worth and spirituality.

This book covers the following areas in detail: 

  • What is psychic power?
  • Reasons people believe in psychic powers
  • What does science say about psychic power?
  • Signs you might have Psychic powers
  • Categories/Types of psychic powers
  • What is telepathy?
  • Types of telepathy
  • Steps to developing telepathy
  • Relationship between telepathy and science
  • Tips to awaken your psychic abilities
  • Top reasons to awaken and develop psychic abilities
  • Symptoms and dangers of Third eye awakening
  • Most common ways to develop psychic abilities
  • Tapping into your psychic abilities
  • Psychic meditation guide
  • Practices that will improve your psychic connection
  • What is an aura and how does someone read it
  • Aura Colors and their meanings
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  • Book 1

    Psychic Development Audiobook By Aria Young cover art
    • Psychic Development

    • A Complete Guide for Beginners for Developing Psychic Abilities, Finding Your Gift and Simplified Practical Meditation System for Your Sense of Self and Spirituality (Empath, Book 1)
    • By: Aria Young
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  • Book 2

    Stoicism: A Guide for Beginners on How to Find Happiness Through Ancient Stoic Philosophy Wisdom and Gain Confidence and Resi
    • Stoicism: A Guide for Beginners on How to Find Happiness Through Ancient Stoic Philosophy Wisdom and Gain Confidence and Resilience in Life

    • Empath, Book 2
    • By: Aria Young
    Not available on audible.com