Emotional Intelligence 2.0

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Two books in one boxset

Emotional Intelligence: EQ 2.0 Learn, Develop, and Increase Your Level of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Agility to Reduce Stress and Live a More Healthy Life. Discover Why It Is So Vital in this Climate to Ensure Success at Work, Increase Your Social Skills and Self-Esteem

Rewire Your Brain: Understanding The Science and Revolution Of Neuroplasticity. Rewire Your Brain, Body, and Soul to Change Your Mind, Develop a Healthy Habit, and Change Emotional Habits to Stop Overthinking and Control Your Anxiety Disorder

Rewiring your brain implies that the connections or links between neurons in your brain are transforming. Everything we learn is stored in the brain, and the brain can't store information if it doesn't physically change in some (usually routine) way. In this sense, your brain is constantly being rewired.

This bundle will make you understand the concept of brain rewire, all you need to know about brain rewiring: the benefits and advantages brain rewiring provides, and how it generally works.

Unlike IQ where it is natural and a few people are simply destined to be a genius, emotional intelligence is an ability that can be created and developed. Truth be told, emotions were not by any means embedded in us when we were still infants or in the mother's belly. It is through the interaction and cooperation with our immediate environment and the individuals that we developed up these emotions. This book, however, gives an insight into the real-life benefits of high emotional intelligence, and how you can stand out by developing emotional intelligence.

Also in this bundle, you will get an insight on how to learn, develop, and increase your emotional intelligence. This book enriches you with, the key points of emotional intelligence, success with emotional intelligence, achieving success with brain rewiring, stopping overthinking with brain rewire, and emotional intelligence skill set. 

This book provides a solid foundation for those who want to develop healthy habits, improve emotional intelligence, control their emotions, and overcome their anxiety disorder thorough brain rewiring. It also gives an insight into the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-esteem.

This bundle book goes deeply into responding to every inquiry you may have about emotional intelligence and brain rewiring, from various perspectives to make you have a full insight and comprehension of the subject matter. It provides a solid foundation on why emotional intelligence is so vital to ensure success. 

Neuroplasticity has become a trendy expression in scientific and psychology circles, just as outside of them, promising that you can rewire your brain to improve everything from health and mental prosperity to personal satisfaction.

This book talks about the science of neuroplasticity as it shares more light into the revolution of neuroplasticity and how you can outsmart your brain with neuroscience.

Reading this bundle book will enable you understand what Emotional Intelligence is, how it works, how it can be useful to you both at home and workplace, the implications, how it can make you stand out, and much more.

At the end of this book, you will know how to use your brain more effectively to improve emotional intelligence, develop healthy habits, and win in all ramifications through brain rewiring.

This book will help anyone interested in developing and building his organization through emotional intelligence, as it elaborates all work from a conceptual perspective.

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