Doctor Yen Sin

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Dr. Yen Sin: May-June 1936, Book 1 Publisher's Summary

Out of fog-bound Washington, D.C., much as the dark London streets of Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu novels, comes a creature of consumate evil - Dr. Yen Sin. This sinister head of an international spy network known as the Invisible Empire is a master of the cunning art of diabolical death. Battling him and his fiendish devices, such as death rays and blow guns, is Michael Traile, who works with the cooperation of the federal government. Only three issues of this magazine were published. A fourth Dr. Yen Sin novel, The Case of the Faceless Man, was announced, but never published.

Table of Contents:

  • "A Smashing Complete Novel of Oriental Menace, The Mystery of the Dragon's Shadow" by Donald E. Keyhoe - Out of the teeming turbulent East had come Dr. Yen Sin - saffron-skinned wizard of crime - bringing to the Capital of the West all the ancient Devil's-lore at his command - and a horde of Asian Hell-born to help him spawn it. But Michael Traile - The Man Who Never Slept - had crammed into his own keen brain the means to cope with the sinister doctor. For he knew even the secrets of the Dragon's Shadow and how to penetrate the yellow murder fog that had descended on the capital to mingle its blood-wisps with the mist from the Potomac.
  • "Slant-Eyed Satan - A Chinatown Murder Thriller" by Frank Gruber - Inspector Burke thought Sun Ti was a fool when he handed that hundred-thousand-dollar emerald to the first half-caste dock-rat that came along. He didn't know it would start a blood-circuit that would lead it, inevitably, back to the fat little Oriental's Curio-shop, in the hands of a walking corpse.
  • "The Night of Ka-Sam - A Chinatown Murder Thriller" by Archie Oboler - Captain Don Wells, late of the Chinese Army, thought that body-guard assignment was a lead-pipe cinch - until his employer was knifed by the little yellow man. Then he began to learn all about Oriental torture from a past-master.
  • "The Ring of the Red Rooster - A Chinatown Murder Thriller" by Arden X. Pangborn - It was only a crowing rooster, blazoned on a five-tael can of opium, but to Detective Lyle of the Chinatown squad it sounded a danger signal as loud as any hawk-menaced barnyard fowl could have done - and led him straight to the killers of Wong Hung, his undercover partner on the long-beat.
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