Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature

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What Is Divine Energy Publisher's Summary

What Is Divine Energy is an incredibly profound but straightforward exposition of the "science of everything".

In this landmark work, Dr. Vipin Gupta begins with the investigation of the quintessential questions for understanding divine energy and managing life joyfully. Who am I? What is the soul? What is the spirit? Who is God? What is religion? What is the purpose of our life? What happens after death? Do we become a star as children's books tell us? What is dark matter? What is black hole? What is the center of the universe? Is there an Absolute or anything beyond that? Are we truly incapable of creating or destroying energy?  

Dr. Gupta traces the journey of a cell, its origins in an atom, its transformation into energy, and how energy norms the potential of divinity within each person. He clarifies 96 paths of self-development for realizing this potential. He shows that, contrary to the present understanding, a cell's development involves 33 phases. The work is rooted in the state-of-the-art science of microbiological-macrophysical genetics, India's ancient cultural metaphysics, and a unique energy quantification of the dynamic benefits and costs of everything. It is a part of a series of 12 books that traverses through an understanding of the present reality that can be applied to one's personal life and for societal impact. It offers an unusual integration, which the beta readers report as "never seen anything like this before" and "overwhelming because of its originality, technicality, and comprehensiveness".

Dr. Vipin Gupta has a PhD in managerial science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a gold medalist from the Post-graduate Program of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. He is a Professor of sensible management and appropriate science at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University San Bernardino, USA.

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