Crystal Springs Cozy Witch Mystery

7 books in series
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Crystal Springs Cozy Witch Mysteries: Books 1-3 Publisher's summary

What happens when a woman pushing 50 gets her witch powers and the world as she knows it is suddenly tipped on its head?

Cascade Lorne is recently divorced and days away from turning 50, when she receives a strange gift that plunges her immediately into an entirely different world. A parallel one right alongside hers that she never saw before. The only problem is that witches are supposed to get their magic during puberty. And Cas is...well, past puberty.

As if it wasn't enough to get used to having magic that erupts in unexpected ways when she sneezes or hiccups, Cas is not even a witch for a day when she's accused of murdering a high profile member of her new community.

Can she adjust, cope, and figure out who the true murderer is before she's imprisoned or killed? All while dealing with her brand-new, super-snarky cat familiar?

Find out by downloading this three-book box set now. It's the beginning of the Crystal Springs series and will have you laughing and your heart pounding. It's clean, cozy, and fun.

This is a box set that includes the first three books in the Crystal Springs Cozy Witch Mystery series.

Book one: A Deadly Curse in the Making

For Cascade Lorne, getting out of a messy marriage was supposed to be the ticket to starting over.

On the brink of her big five-oh birthday, a special delivery transforms everything she knows and plunges Cascade into a bewitching world of unexpected delights, phenomenal power, and legendary creatures turned real.

But before she has time to adjust, Cascade becomes the number one suspect in the murder of a powerful figure in this strange new world.

With only a sarcastic talking cat and a mysterious but totally hot neighbor to help, Cascade must unravel a decades-old mystery even as the killer plots to use her as the last piece in a lethal puzzle.

Book two: There’s No Fury like a Witch Scorned

Cascade Lorne is a brand-new witch at 50. Unlike most witches in the town of Crystal Springs, her crazy-powerful abilities are dangerous - and everyone in town knows it. So, when the town womanizer washes up dead in a bone-dry room, Cas is included on the list of most likely supernatural suspects.

If a killer on the loose isn’t enough to deal with, Cascade’s power is threatening to go supernova, the hot guy she’s dating is being super-secretive, her cat-guardian is disappearing on all-night benders, and tempers are flaring bright between shifter and witch citizens.

Crystal Springs is on the verge of erupting. Will Cas survive the rising white-hot flames or be set ablaze by a relentless killer on a mission?

Book three: Death Left a Surprise on Her Doorstep

Cascade Lorne, newly blossomed witch, thinks the dust is finally settling. The hottie next door is her official sweetie. Her magical powers are no longer threatening to burn her from the inside out, and Cas’ passion project - renovating a boutique hotel - lights her up with joy.

But even before the grand opening, a killer strikes, and death leaves a gruesome surprise on Cascade’s doorstep. There’s a stream of possible suspects, especially the odd guest whose eyes shine like a wolf’s in the light of the moon.

Cascade’s fresh start is put in jeopardy as she’s thrust into a new mystery with fanatics desperate to hide their secrets - including someone near and dear to her heart.

©2020 Paula Lester, M.E. Harmon (P)2021 Paula Lester, M.E. Harmon
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