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COBOL: 3 Books in 1 Publisher's summary

Book one:

Have you been struggling to learn COBOL? Or are you worried that you don't have the right skill set for a particular job?

Have you been looking for a new career and trying to figure out what the best way is to go about it?

COBOL is a computer programming language used to write computer programs that are used in businesses. It is also a language used by accountants, auditors, and payroll professionals alike. This is a very easy-to-learn computer programming language that was initially used for business use.

Many people have become interested in learning this coding language because it is often difficult for many companies to find qualified professionals who can write COBOL code. If you are good at learning and picking up new things quickly, then this may be the right field for you to pursue.

If you are considering this line of work, it is important that you become familiar with what is currently available in the marketplace. While many companies simply want COBOL programmers to write codes that they can use, others will want a variety of specific tasks completed.

If you are looking for a new career and want something that will provide stability, then COBOL programming may be the right path for you.

Book two:

One of the reasons why COBOL programming is preferred over other languages is because of its versatility. COBOL can be used to program just about anything, depending on which library modules are selected for use in a particular program. There are many benefits of running COBOL. One such benefit is the ability to easily transition from one language to another. COBOL code can be translated into a Java or C++ code, for example, via a cross-compiler and a thorough understanding of both languages involved. This means that you can use your existing knowledge and expertise from one language, and then translate it into another that may be more suitable for the task at hand.

Are you interested in getting a better understanding of the COBOL programming language?

Do you seek to know how COBOL interacts with other database management systems?

Would you like to expand your knowledge base of database systems?

COBOL database interaction is a set of techniques that allow us to interact with databases. COBOL database interaction is used to retrieve, store, and modify specific records in a database table. It is done by modifying row values. This feature of COBOL allows us to perform everyday tasks, such as deleting or updating records in a database table, while restoring the original state of the data after the updated records have been deleted.

Book three:

This book is a practical hands-on guide to COBOL code optimization. It provides basic principles and techniques for writing efficient high-level COBOL programs. The book assumes that you are an experienced programmer and want to learn how to develop high-performance applications using the latest tools and techniques. The book is also a practical guide to developing high-performance applications by optimizing both COBOL code and the application.

The book targets IT professionals who are responsible for the day-to-day development and maintenance of business applications written in COBOL. The book introduces essential concepts of performance analysis and optimization. It also covers many tools and techniques including some advanced techniques, such as parallelization, multiprocessing, virtual machines, and XML parsing. With the help of hands-on examples, real-world case studies, process maps, and a full-scale application, this book teaches professionals and students alike how to build high-performance applications using the latest techniques.

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  • Book 1-3

    • COBOL Basics for Beginners + COBOL Database Interaction + COBOL Code Optimization
    • By: Andy Vickler
    • Narrated by: Helpful Matthew
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    • Release date: 04-19-22
    • Language: English
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  • Book 1

    • Cobol Basics for Beginners
    • By: Andy Vickler
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    • Length: 4 hrs and 27 mins
    • Release date: 03-16-22
    • Language: English
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  • Book 2

    • COBOL Database Interaction
    • By: Andy Vickler
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    • Release date: 04-12-22
    • Language: English
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