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Old Age and Treachery Publisher's Summary

Millions of honest, hardworking Americans invest in pension funds hoping to survive comfortably in retirement. Dishonest managers swoop down like vampires and suck these funds dry. They use this money to support their own lavish lifestyles or salt it away in hidden accounts to use at their leisure leaving their clients destitute. If caught, these criminals serve minimum sentences in country club prisons and, on release, live in luxury on their ill-gotten gains.

A cyber vigilante the FBI calls "Rolly" turns this upside down. Rolly removes evidence of the theft and restores the victims' losses. Then, he plants evidence showing the thieves committed more serious crimes, leading to stiff sentences in maximum security prisons. But Rolly’s work derails the FBI's white collar crime investigations and makes them look inept. Enraged, Robert Johnson, the division’s director, mounts an unauthorized hunt for Rolly.

Bill Doolin, pressed into helping a friend scammed on the internet, finds himself square in Johnson's sights. Convinced that Bill is his nemesis or an accomplice, Johnson turns Bill’s life inside out. Desperate to clear himself, Bill must use his skills as both a detective and former covert operator to mount his own hunt for Rolly.

Disgraced and humiliated, a deposed drug lord bent on revenge also arrives in Franklin City seeking the woman who caused his downfall. These forces unite, unleashing a perfect storm of murder and mayhem in this quiet Memphis suburb.

©2018 Richard Powell (P)2020 Richard Powell
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