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Guided Meditations and Hypnosis for Everyday Peace for Everyday People Publisher's summary

Do you have no time, no patience, and an attention span that barely exceeds that of a goldfish, but you want to free yourself from out-of-control thoughts and emotions and gain a heightened sense of presence and peace that enhances every area of your life?

We’ve all been there. You start your day, groggy and cranky from poor sleep the night before. You’re awake, but your mind is foggy, unfocused, and in a constant state of stress and anxiety, thanks to the endless thoughts of your undone responsibilities. And, you can’t even get relief at the end of the night as you struggle to sleep, thinking about what you should have done today and what you have to do tomorrow.

That’s where this comes in.

This triple audiobook collection contains 17 different guided meditations to start and end your day with the right state of mind, and get through everything that happens in between with peace, clarity, and positivity!

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Five hour-long meditations to ease anxiety, combat insomnia, and help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
  • Five meditations to declutter your mind, help you think straight, and eliminate brain fog
  • Seven meditations to increase self-love and self-awareness, cultivate gratitude, and boost happiness
  • A variety of different types of meditations, narrators, music, and durations of time, so you’re guaranteed to find something you love that works for you

Also, inside is practical guidance on:

  • When, where, and how to meditate most comfortably
  • The secrets to overcoming the most common challenges and obstacles to mindfulness
  • What to do when your mind inevitably wanders and you don’t have an out-of-body experience and astral project into the next dimension like you expected

Meditation is not just for people who are unemployed with endless time, freedom, and money to spend months at an ashram in the jungles of Thailand. Meditation is for everyone. Meditation is for you.

Scroll up, and click “buy now", and reclaim your mental health and happiness today!

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    • Guided Meditations and Hypnosis for Everyday Peace for Everyday People

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