Alpha Team

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Due Diligence (Alpha Team Series) Publisher's Summary

They’ll always have Paris...if they can both stay alive

CIA Agent Alejandro Cardenas fell for her the moment he took a pratfall in front of the Arc de Triomphe, a ploy to distract the guys tailing her. The action-packed but romantic protection assignment led to a steamy six-year affair, after which they parted, knowing they were soul mates, perfect for each other - except that each was married to someone else.

Ten years after Paris, Alex, now a widower, is retired from the CIA. Julia, the beautiful lady from Paris, is a founding partner of a Chicago investment firm, currently handling the IPO for a Miami-based conglomerate. But the conglomerate is secretly owned by the Cuban government, which has used it for decades to launder the ill-gotten gains of a vast criminal empire that includes drug smuggling, revolution for hire, and numerous other nefarious activities.

Julia’s rising financial stardom - along with Alex’s influence - bring her a high-profile position in the Cuban-American community, but when a pair of Cuban generals undertake a massive assassination plot, Alex realizes he has placed her in danger. To protect the love of his life, he comes out of retirement and assembles the Alpha Team, a deadly tactical force of former associates.

As suave as he is deadly, Alex is a charming companion, whether author Parr is treating us to a tour of Parisian nightlife or a sampling of delectable Miami specialties. If you like political action thrillers like those by Brad Thor, James Rosone and Miranda Watson, Vince Flynn, and Robert Ludlum, you'll love Owen Parr!

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