Alpha Male U

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Dare Publisher's Summary

I'm 18, and I've never been kissed.

When my new college friends find out this (embarrassing) fact, they dare me to kiss a handsome stranger.

Little did I know that he would end up wanting much more than a kiss...

Dare is the first stand-alone book in the Alpha Male U series containing - you guessed it - hot alpha males, the women they're determined to claim for their own, and HEAs!


Mr. Abercrombie gazes at me, his face blank. Wow, he has gorgeous green eyes. They're like jewels. Jesus, he probably thinks I'm a stoned idiot. I should abort this mission before I can humiliate myself any further. Just as I'm about to turn and run, someone bumps into me from behind, launching me straight toward him.

And my lips land right onto his.

Oh. My. F--king. God.

I want to jump into a deep hole and die of shame. Before I can pull myself away and hide in my dorm room until the end of time, he wraps his arms around me and starts kissing me back. What is going on? I stiffen when he thrusts his tongue into my mouth. Shit, is this going to turn into a French kiss? In panic mode, I put my hands on his chest, about to shove him away. But something happens. I relax and begin enjoying the kiss. He tastes like cola. I like cola (a little too much if you ask my dentist). Madison was right about his ability to give me an amazing first kiss.

A smile appears on his face when our lips come apart. "Well, that's one way of introducing yourself," he says.

If I were a cool girl, I would give him a witty reply or, at the very least, say, "Hi, I'm Jessica. What's your name?"

But since I'm an utter dork, I squeak, "Sorry!"

And I run out of the house.

©2021 Isla Chiu (P)2021 Isla Chiu
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