Alec Worley

3 books in series
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Broken Saints Part 1 Publisher's Summary

An Adepta Sororitas audio drama.

Sister Adamanthea, revered by the faithful as a symbol of the Emperor's will, must cast her doubts aside when disaster strikes during a holy parade. 

Listen to It because:

Hear another side of the Adepta Sororitas through the eyes of a Battle Sister who has returned from Repentia to the sisterhood.  

The story: 

Sister Adamanthea is an oddity among the Adepta Sororitas - a Sister Repentia who has been cleansed of her sin and returned to her duty, rather than finding penance in death. Seen by the faithful as a living miracle, she herself is unsure. Still feeling the weight of her crime, she wonders if she belongs in the sisterhood at all. When she is forced to appear with a famed priest on a most holy day, Adamanthea's doubts itensify...until disaster strikes.  

Written by Alec Worley.

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