A Prayer for Peace Series

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Do the Gods Hear Our Prayers? Publisher's Summary

After thousands of years of fighting, peace between the light and dark elves is within sight. Ordered by the Overlord to settle their differences, the gods from both sides meet to hammer out a treaty, until the unthinkable happens. 

Pawns of the gods above, the human kingdom of Kentar and the last elven kingdom of Armena are thrown into war by the conniving genius of the world’s most powerful thieves guild. Nations rise and fall as pieces move around the board in this high-stakes match for domination of the world and the heavens themselves. 

Two elven brothers and a thief are the mortal foot soldiers in this war between Kentar, Armena, and the Talon Guild. The brothers try to right the most grievous of wrongs, not knowing their true destiny is to save their race or die trying. The thief is in it for the power; but is the cost too high, or is he willing to make the sacrifice for his own selfish ends? 

This is a novel of combat, politics, and religion played out on a three-tier stage where mortals try to win the favor of the divine, wondering all the while if the gods hear their prayers.

©2013, 2018 Jeff Henrikson (P)2018 Jeff Henrikson
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