A Parker Mystery

10 books in series
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The Aikido Caper Publisher's Summary

In The Aikido Caper Sensei Parker faces a mysterious challenge when someone decides that the classic movie,Above the Fray will not be re-made. He is hired to protect the star and his wife, known collectively as Thadenzuela - Thad Deep and Valenzuela are Hollywood stars of a great magnitude and won't allow their bodyguard to wear a gun. In comes Parker, an aikido master and head of a school that is falling on hard times. He needs a job and they have one for him: protect them.

Parker saves them from a kidnapping attempt, roadkill and air kisses, but quits in the face of shotguns and multiple attackers, "It's time to call in reinforcements," he says. Eventually they realize that the only person who can make the action scenes in Above the Fray look real is Parker and he is brought back as the martial art choreographer - just in time.

©2011 Daniel Linden (P)2013 Daniel Linden
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