A Dark Spores Novel

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Menzuo: Judgment Set upon Earth Publisher's Summary

When Menzuo faces a new threat, with unfathomable odds, he must upgrade once again and use his superpowers to overcome evil. 

In the end, all that is left is fear!

Our universal protector, Menzuo, and his team of Solar Warriors must travel back to planet Earth to battle against one of the strongest of all Pirate Warriors: Queen Eaizah. After saving planet Bralose from a life of mutated slavery under Pirate Warrior Hydrosion - which tested his powers to the fullest - Prince Menzuo is now ready for another battle. Enter Pirate Warrior Eaizah! 

But Menzuo will not go it alone. He is now banded together with both old and new friends - the Solar Warriors. But Pirate Warrior Eaizah has a special treat in store for the young prince’s return: a new evil that will push Menzuo, his team, and the planet to the brink of destruction. 

Now more than ever, Menzuo and the Solar Warriors must remained focused and hone their superpowers in order to defeat the queen and save Earth while harnessing the energy of all good and evil to save the entire universe forever. 

The final tie-in of the Menzuo series to the Dark Spores Saga is here! 

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