A Banebridge Companion

4 books in series
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Banebridge Companion Novels Box Set Publisher's Summary

A storm is brewing over the ocean. One that will destroy life as they know it in the kingdom of Zephyr and beyond. In a desperate attempt to refortify their position, the masters of the Songsbirthian council beseech members of the Songsbirthian Guard to seek out the warriors they believe may best withstand the firestorm that will soon befall their realm.

The Banebridge Companion Novels chronicle the events that bring together three people, with unique and dark backgrounds, in a last-ditch effort to keep the lore and secrets of their beloved kingdom from falling prey to a malign sorcerer and his army of demons. 

Book One: Larina

Growing up on the streets of Storms End, Larina knows the only way to survive is to take matters into her own hands. Skulking about the seedy alleyways and taverns of a once great city that has fallen from grace, survival has become a game of steal and lie, or die. Larina uses her ill-begotten abilities to help the vulnerable, less fortunate souls abandoned by life. An act that fills her with a sense of purpose and pride. That all changes when the man with the black warhammer comes to town. Now the Storms End Lightning Bolt must decide whether those she has fought so hard to protect will be better off if she ends up dead.

Book Two: Sadyra

Living in the shadows to avoid the brutality of parents harbouring a dark secret, Sadyra must force a violent confrontation if she is to keep her younger sisters from harm’s way. Begrudgingly accepted to work alongside a group of hardened sailors, Sadyra learns how to survive in a ruthless world. To save her sisters from a fate worse than death, Sadyra goes against everything she knows is right, and her life will never be the same.

Book Three: Pollard

Pollard is the epic conclusion to the Banebridge Companion Novels. Called together to prepare for the defense of the kingdom’s most sacred resource, the son of Thoril Half-Hand sets out to train the realm’s most promising fighters.

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