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You Are Not Your Scars

By: Ellie Shefi
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  • Are you sick and tired of being held back by the chains of your past? Of others dictating your life … telling you what to say, how to act, and even how to feel?

    Are you searching for a way to silence the inner critic, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and come "home" to your true, authentic self? A way to find your voice and speak your truth? A way to laugh, love, and play again?

    Are you ready to step into a future you design?

    If you're looking for actionable tools and strategies to take back your power and create a life you love, then you're in the right place!

    I've done it again and again.

    And so have my guests.

    I’m Ellie Shefi. I am a survivor of rape and domestic abuse. I’ve been homeless, lived in my car, and eaten the food restaurants were throwing away at the end of the night. I'm a cancer survivor and medical miracle who has been defying the doctors' death deadlines for decades. I’ve endured countless medical surgeries—often with little hope of survival. At my breaking point, I even begged God to just let me die. (Now that is hitting rock bottom!)

    Yet, today, I am a limitless thriver. I am a successful attorney, entrepreneur, #1 international best-selling and award-winning author, sought-after international speaker, strategist, media host, publisher, philanthropist, mentor, coach, and consultant. I have mastered turning fear into fuel, and pain into purpose, and now I am blessed to live joyful life I love.

    You see … Like so many of us, I, too, have scars—emotional, mental, and physical. But throughout my journey, I have learned that I am not my scars! I have healed and moved beyond the scars and the wounds and burdens that caused them. I have cast off the chains of the past and set myself free. I no longer allow my scars to hold me back…to deny me my personal path toward a life of authenticity and abundance.

    I'm here to help you do the same.

    If you’re sick and tired of being defined by events, circumstances, and beliefs—if you’re longing to shed past pain and rise beyond your adversities—if you’re looking for post-traumatic growth—then this podcast, You Are Not Your Scars, is for you!

    On this podcast, my guests and I show you how to shed your scars, claim your internal freedom, and create a life you love. We equip you with the tools and strategies you need to find your voice, stand in your power, and become the architect of your life. We guide you in charting a new course for your journey, help you build a resilient mind, and help you develop your unique, authentic, and aligned soul signature that no one can imitate or destroy.

    Joining me every episode are masters of resiliency, mindset, personal development, overcoming trauma, and more! They are here to offer you the tools, resources, and strategies you need to break free from the past, claim your future, and create a life you love.

    No matter how deep your wounds are, you are resilient. You are unbreakable. And you are unstoppable. You have control over your life!

    Live life on your terms today.

    While you may have been forged from the fire, you are free by design.

    Remember: You Are Not Your Scars!

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  • Empathy & Legacy: Transforming Civil Rights Trauma into Positive Change with Dwania Kyles
    May 8 2024

    This episode features an in-depth conversation with Dwania Kyles, a pioneer of the Memphis 13, who shares her journey of desegregation, the challenges of navigating through racism and bullying, and her insights on coping, resilience, and the power of gratitude and love. Kyles discusses her parents' involvement in the civil rights movement, her personal experiences with segregation, and her work with the Memphis 13 Foundation to preserve the legacy of those who courageously paved the way for integration. The discussion also delves into the importance of creating safe spaces, healing from trauma, and utilizing love and empathy to drive change.

    00:00 Early Life and Civil Rights Legacy

    02:39 The Journey of Desegregation

    05:38 Experiences of Segregation and Racism

    08:07 Coping, Resilience, and Healing

    31:05 The Memphis 13 Foundation and Future Visions

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    1 hr and 4 mins
  • Harmonizing Life: Music as a Healing Force with Gary Remal Malkin
    May 6 2024

    Ellie Shefi interviews Gary Remal Malkin, an Emmy award-winning composer, performer, and public speaker. Malkin's work aims to integrate emotional and spiritual intelligence into our lives through music, which he views as a transformational resource. Malkin discusses his journey in music, his belief in the importance of presence and coherence, and the epidemic of awareness fragmentation disorder. Malkin also explains how music can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation.

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    1 hr and 4 mins
  • Building a Legacy Beyond Fear with Tanya Woods
    May 1 2024

    An enlightening conversation with Tanya Woods, exploring her transformative journey from practicing law to leading global social impact initiatives. Tanya shares her personal story of facing mortality and how it ignited her passion for making a difference through innovative technologies and philanthropy, highlighting her work with Project In-Kind and her commitment to leaving a legacy of love and service.

    00:00 Introduction to Tanya Woods

    02:52 Tanya’s Journey from Law to Social Impact

    03:57 Tanya’s Realization of Legacy and Purpose

    07:49 Building a Legacy Through Action

    20:23 Principles of Impactful Service

    20:56 Overcoming Challenges and Staying on Course

    12:33 Living and Leaving a Legacy

    40:06 Tanya’s Personal Practices for Alignment and Self-Care

    32:18 Tanya’s Vision and Advice for Living With Purpose

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    49 mins

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