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  • I explore various topics ranging from marketing, branding, success, failure, personal excellence, mindset and more - either by sharing my own experiences or by interviewing people. This show will inspire you and challenge you to create a better version of yourself so that you can build your influence, deepen your impact, serve your audience better and move their business needle in a meaningful way.
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  • Ideas are Shit, Execution is the GAME - How to OUTPACE and Outdo Yourself
    Dec 9 2021

    In this episode, Mak discusses how we can get the most out of our ideas. He shares some tips on what kind of ideas we should take notice of and how we can execute the ideas for profit.

    Missing the Boat


    As they say, success is built on inconveniences. We have also heard that ideas are useless unless you put them to execution. We are all creative people, and at any given point in time, we have a lot of ideas germinating in our minds. But many times, we tend to miss the boat, even though we have good intentions.



    At any given point in time, we have multiple ideas at our disposal, and we tend to get captivated by the fear of missing out or missing out on that action.

    Why Successful People are Successful


    If you take a look at top earners, elite leaders, successful people, you will find that they are good at two things: number one, problem-solving, and number two, execution. The reason they are able to solve the problems is that they have clarity. Clarity gives them confidence, and then confidence gives them the ability to execute.

    Ideas and the Why


    If you have like five or six ideas that are germinating in your mind, but you are not able to put the pedal to the metal, write all your ideas down. One of your ideas could be starting a podcast, writing a book, or starting your own TV show, or creating videos. What you need to do is to take a piece of Notepad and then start writing why. Why do you want to do that? Why do you want to create that podcasting show? Why do you want to write a book? Why do you want to create videos?



    Why and rewards go hand in hand. In the case of forecasting, you are already positioning yourself for the future. The reward is there for the podcasting. It also allows you to tap into other people’s platforms by going into other people’s podcasts. When you become the guest, it allows you to tap into their network, their platform, and it allows you to generate relationships.


    In book writing, the reward is huge. Amazon has completely democratized the book publishing industry, and you don’t need access to the gatekeepers anymore. The reward is used right as soon as you write a book. You are considered an “expert” instantly. So the reward is there for podcasting.

    Resources and Time


    You also need to start thinking about risks in terms of time. Do you have the energy? Do you have the resources? In many cases, you will find that you are invariably constrained by time.

    Starting a Podcast


    The resources, you are hiring a third-party resource that is going to do the job for you. In the case of podcasting, you may not be able to hire to do your own podcasting show. That means you need to put your own time and energy into conducting that podcasting show if you want to interview some guests or whatnot.


    You can simply outsource in terms of creating the transcript, uploading it to your website, uploading to your social media. You may have liked a lot of great ideas, but then you need to take away all the noise behind that.


    You need to find a time because that becomes your gateway to do so many other things. Then you can repurpose yourself, and you can re-manifest yourself in a variety of different ways.

    Clarity Advantage


    The idea here is that whatever ideas that you may have, jot it down on a piece of paper and then start creating clarity. This is called clarity advantage. That is how you can then start completing this matrix.

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    13 mins
  • Objectivity vs Subjectivity - What is Right and What is Wrong?
    Dec 7 2021

    In this episode, Mak talks about his views on Objectivity and Subjectivity. He came into thought about this because of her daughter’s homework. Today, he shares his thoughts on both objectivity and subjectivity.

    Daughter’s Assignment


    The homework is around two topics. Number one is an American soldier who has fought the war alongside the Kurdish army, and what will be his trials and tribulations in terms of the overall General Dynamics. That is kind of shaping up in terms of America’s withdrawal, and then how sort of the situation is kind of right now, getting a little bit out of control, depending on who you talk to.


    The second is the effects of using smartphones in the nighttime right before going to sleep. You approach any one of these topics from an objective angle, where the news reporter kind of comes in on the media TV channels, and then he starts, he or she starts reporting the facts.

    The Other Angle


    The other angle is basically based on subjectivity, where you can prepare like a TEDx type of talk. TEDx talks are really based on driving emotions, triggering emotions. It’s up to them what topic to choose and whether they want to cover that as a speech in the form of as a news reporter or as a TEDx speaker.

    Objectivity vs. Subjectivity


    That sort of objectivity versus subjectivity resonated with Mak because he sincerely feeds that there is a place for both objectivity and subjectivity depending on the type of context or depending on the situation that you are in, and we need to respect that because there is a place for that for each sort of theme.


    Many times, what happens is we become fixated on one singular angle, not appreciating the other angle. If somebody likes the objective type of coverage, and then they start bashing the subjective type of content that gets circulated or gets talked about, then that doesn’t mean that the subject to content doesn’t have any kind of place overall in the dynamics.

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    5 mins
  • Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing- How to Market Yout Business
    Dec 5 2021

    In this episode, Mak talks about the difference between Traditional Marketing and Modern Marketing.

    Traditional vs. Modern Marketing


    The difference between Traditional Marketing and Modern Marketing is quite simple. Traditional marketing is all about the push model. It is all about shoving the message down to people’s throats, hoping that they will buy your product or service when an ad or a promotion is run.


    Modern Marketing, also known as “inbound marketing,” is all about inviting or captivating your audience customers into your ecosystem. It is not necessarily you shoving down the message, but rather they are willing to come to your ecosystem.


    The other difference is that mass marketing and traditional marketing are simplistic because there used to be only TV or radio as two primary channels. With the advent of the internet, Google social media channels, the number of touchpoints has exploded. Modern Marketing in digital marketing is has become quite complex.


    Also, you need to know down to the grain in terms of what are your customers, desires, ambitions, and then how you can push those hot buttons that they are always thinking about the day in day out through your brand equity, through your brand, through the solutions that you offer, through your services, so on and so forth.

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