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The Artistic Method

By: Joel Wright
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  • Hey artists and creatives! Do you want to experience your own creative breakthrough? Fuel your idea engine and get splashed in the face with colorful inspiration by The Artistic Method. I'm Joel Wright and I am obsessed with the creative process and artistic methodology. I have created Artist's Course to help artists connect or reconnect to their own visionary purpose to live the creative life. Your full potential is now. I will be interviewing my favorite visual artists, creative writers, culinary artists, musicians, performing artists, filmmakers, healing artists just to name a few. Let's learn from them and enjoy their work. I want you to hear their stories and find out what drives them and how they got where they are.
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  • How to Overcome Creative Block and Level Up as an Artist in 2024 - Episode 7
    Jan 15 2024

    The Artistic Method

    Episode 7: How to Overcome Creative Block and Level Up as an Artist in 2024

    by: Joel Wright

    Episode Overview:

    In this episode, Joel Wright explores the challenging but crucial topic of overcoming creative block, a common hurdle for artists. Drawing from his own artistic journey, Joel shares personal insights and 9 practical methods to not only overcome creative blocks but also to elevate your art in this year.


    Hey creative visionaries! Before you get into today's podcast about getting past those artistic hurdles, I've got something really exciting to share with you.

    This is your backstage pass to a course I'm putting together, especially for artists who've hit a bit of a rough patch creatively.

    This isn't just theory - it's a way to light up that artistic spark of yours again, with real, hands-on strategies for rising from the metaphorical ashes.

    This is your chance to take those creative struggles and transform into something amazing. Link below:

    ashes course:

    Key Points Discussed in Episode 7:
    • Introduction to the concept of creative block and its impact on artists
    • Joel's personal experiences and unique approach with overcoming creative challenges
    • 9 Methods for Overcoming Creative Block
    • Insights into maintaining momentum and productivity in artistic endeavors
    • Tips for continuous self-improvement and artistic growth in 2024

    The Artistic Method with Joel Wright

    ‘The Artistic Method’ - the podcast where creativity gets real and a little bit gritty. Here, we tackle the chaotic creative process, from brainwaves to brush strokes.

    Expect unfiltered chats on art techniques, some tough-love advice, and banter with artists who art making it happen.

    We cut through the artsy fluff to bring you the reality of the creative life. Join us for a dose of inspiration, a few laughs, and maybe a side of revelation.

    Joel Wright

    7 How to Overcome Creative Block and Level Up as an Artist in 2024 - Episode 7 Explicit

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    33 mins
  • Episode 6: Jes Weiner
    Feb 7 2022

    Jes Weiner - Artist and Muralist - Magic Hat Muralist @magichatmuralist

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    39 mins
  • Episode 5: Recovering and Staying Moving and Active
    Sep 9 2021

    Just getting over the virus. Sharing my experiences and what I did to try to make it through. No medical advice given, just my personal approach to staying moving and active with creative recovery.

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    19 mins

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