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Preschool Pioneers

By: Jeremy Walker
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  • The world needs Christian teachers. Join Jeremy Walker as he discusses why Christians should become teachers and gives practical advice to help Christians get inspired, get equipped, and get involved in Christian education.

    2019 Preschool Pioneers
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  • M is for Mind Magnets
    May 19 2024

    In this episode of Preschool Pioneers, host Jeremy Walker delves into the controversial topic of "mind magnets," a modern technique using magnetic pulses to alter brain functions in an attempt to address mental health and behavioral issues. Critiquing these methods as dangerous and reminiscent of historical lobotomies, Walker contrasts the humanist approach, which seeks compliance through propaganda, re-education, and chemical alterations, with the Christian perspective that views disobedience to God as the core problem. He advocates for Christian solutions, emphasizing the importance of biblical education, justice, and spiritual rebirth, and encourages Christian parents and teachers to lead in shaping future generations according to God's will.

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    25 mins
  • L is for Lowering Standards
    May 12 2024

    In this episode of "Preschool Pioneers," host Jeremy Walker critiques the modern trend of lowering educational and parenting standards in the episode titled "L is for Lowering Standards." He argues that reducing expectations leads to poorer developmental outcomes and societal issues, contrary to the prevalent belief that it promotes happiness. Using biblical references and his extensive experience in childcare, Walker challenges listeners to maintain high expectations for children's behavior and development. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing inherent traits in children, such as personality and intelligence, that cannot be altered by lowered standards. This episode is a call to parents and educators to resist the ease of reduced demands and instead, foster a robust framework for growth and responsibility in the younger generation.

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    25 mins
  • K is for Kool-Aid
    Apr 28 2024

    In this compelling episode of "Preschool Pioneers" titled "K is for Kool-Aid," host Jeremy Walker explores the critical theme of safeguarding children from deceptive influences that masquerade as caring protectors. Through a detailed analysis of scripture and historical examples like the Oneida community and Jonestown, Walker highlights the importance of teaching discernment and true Christian values to young minds. He stresses the necessity for parents and educators to equip children with the ability to recognize and resist manipulative behaviors, ensuring they grow up with a robust moral and spiritual foundation. This episode is a vital resource for anyone committed to nurturing an environment of genuine love and truth for the next generation.

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    25 mins

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