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  • Ideas alone can’t change the world. It takes grit, and serious funding. In this podcast series, Siemens sits down with startup owners to discuss the startup lifestyle- from concept to execution- and the big ideas that fuel these pioneers. From space balloons to flying cars, there’s no frontier too far. Listen now to the Siemens podcast series Pioneers: Startups from Dreams to Reality.
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  • Navigating Angel Investment with Sandy Wollman
    Mar 25 2024
    Often, entrepreneurs embark on their journey with a brilliant idea they believe addresses a pressing market need. But turning that idea into reality requires more than just ingenuity; it demands funding. Today, we'll delve into the world of startup funding, exploring the strategies and challenges entrepreneurs face as they seek the financial support necessary to bring their innovations to life. I'm your host, Kevin Blevins, and joining us today is Sanford Wollman, or Sandy, an ACA (Angel Capital Association) board member, Director of the Syndication Committee, and the co-founder and Managing Director of Westchester Angels. In this episode, Sandy provides valuable insights into what startups need to know from the initial stages of pitching to navigating due diligence to attract angel investment. We will also explore the collaborative nature of the angel investing ecosystem, the importance of finding the right angel group, and the role of organizations like the ACA in facilitating connections and providing educational resources for entrepreneurs. What You’ll Learn in This Episode: Sandy’s entrepreneurship, business failures, and personal growth. (6:03) The dynamics and characteristics of the angel investing ecosystem (22:36) How the ACA works with angel groups to help startups raise money easier (28:33) How the ACA streamlines the investment process for angel groups (35:43) The "pizza lunch test" and its significance in the angel group. (41:14) Siemens partnership with the ACA (44:26) Advice for entrepreneurs. (47:28) Connect with Sanford Wollman: LinkedIn E-mail ACA Website Westchester Angels Website Connect with Kevin Blevins: LinkedIn
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    59 mins
  • Sustainable Space Travel
    Jan 31 2024
    If you're like many outside the launch industry, the concept of a company that is pushing the aerospace boundaries by developing the world's first commercial rocket powered by carbon-neutral biofuel might sound foreign to you. I'm your host, Kevin Blevins, and today, I'm joined by David Hayrikyan, the Chief Technology Officer at BluShift Aerospace, a US-based startup company in Brunswick, Maine. BluShift Aerospace is a sustainable space launch service provider, offering dedicated, small 'taxi-ride' Space Launch Services, catering to the quickly growing market of sending nano-satellites and micro-satellites into space In this episode, you will get a captivating glimpse into the world of space exploration, innovation, and sustainability, with BluShift Aerospace. You will also get to hear in-depth about BluShift's unique rocket technology, the use of carbon-neutral biofuels, and their plans for launching from Maine.  What You’ll Learn in This Episode: Space exploration and Blue Shift's mission to reach the stars. (3:43) Space technology and rocket development. (8:38) Carbon-neutral biofuel for rocket launches in Maine. (15:30) Using Siemens NX for rocket design and simulation. (21:30) Advice for both aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in joining startup companies. (26:51) Connect with David Hayrikyan: LinkedIn Website Connect with Kevin Blevins: LinkedIn
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    35 mins
  • Creating Safer Healthcare Environments with the ALTA Platform
    Jan 2 2024
    We live in a world where advancements in medical science have extended our lifespan and are transforming how we experience healthcare. However, one statistic shows one-third of the surveyed healthcare workers plan to leave their jobs in the next year due to experiencing exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. Many are looking for ways to make healthcare a bit easier by developing technologies that will help with the labor-intensive tasks they deal with every day. In this episode Kevin Blevins and Jim Gernatt interview Jay Singh, the CEO and founder of Able Innovations, a healthcare technology company.  Able Innovations' ALTA platform is addressing a critical challenge in healthcare by making patient transfers safer and more efficient, benefiting both healthcare workers and patients In this conversation with Jay, you will gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in healthcare innovation. You will also get to hear about a robotic device developed by Able Innovations, that allows a single caregiver to transfer a patient with the push of a button, providing a consistent and dignified experience for the patient. What You’ll Learn in This Episode: The problem of patient transfers in healthcare and the Alta platform (07:32) Automating patient transfers using sensors and technology (09:41) Safety and adoption of new technology in healthcare (16:06) Medical technology and partnerships. (18:56) Product development, commercialization, and company growth (27:34) Connect with Jay Singh: LinkedIn Website Connect with Kevin Blevins: LinkedIn Connect with Jim Gernatt: LinkedIn
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    42 mins

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