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  • Launch With Confidence is your go-to podcast where curiosity meets the thrill of building and launching a tech product. It's a vibrant hub for inquisitive minds in tech eager to peek behind the curtain of product development. Each episode is a friendly chat with the trailblazers unpacking the secrets to a bulletproof go-to-market strategy and the excitement of nailing that product launch.
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  • Why Empathy Matters in Beta with Dylan LeMay
    Jul 3 2024

    Ever wondered how the tech behind baby monitors gets perfected? On this episode of Launch With Confidence, we’re joined by Dylan LeMay, Beta Program Manager at Nanit, who turns real-world chaos into irrefutable insights. As a new dad himself, he blends personal experience with professional expertise to ensure Nanit’s smart baby monitors excel in diverse environments.

    In this insightful conversation, Dylan reveals the fascinating behind-the-scenes of beta testing in real homes, dealing with everything from varying crib setups to diverse environmental factors. He shares how his personal journey into parenthood has enriched his professional approach, bringing a deeper level of empathy and understanding to his role. Tune in to hear about the trials and triumphs of refining cutting-edge baby tech, and gain invaluable insights into how meticulous testing can lead to products that parents trust and love.


    (0:00) - Intro

    (2:00) - Discussing the significance of testing in diverse environments.

    (4:38) - Challenges faced when testing products for babies in different settings.

    (7:19) - The importance of beta testing in diverse environments and situations.

    (10:41) - Balancing technical issues and user experiences in beta testing.

    (13:09) - How test data makes its way back into product development

    (14:48) - Recruiting for time-sensitive products and how automation helps keep things on track.

    (18:41) - The impact of empathy on beta testing and understanding user pain points.

    (23:10) - Collaborative efforts between beta testing and other departments.

    (30:58) - Growing a beta program

    (41:07) - Lightning round, rapid fire Q&A

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    47 mins
  • PM Learnings From Previous Roles with Raiana Zaman
    Jun 22 2024

    Dive into the intricate world of digital product management with Raiana Zaman, Senior Product Owner/Analyst at State Employees Credit Union in North Carolina. Transitioning from a developer to a product management role, Raiana brings a unique perspective to the table, bridging the gap between technical execution and strategic product vision. This episode explores Raiana's journey, highlighting the skills and mindset shifts essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of product development in the finance sector. Discover the importance of customer feedback, the art of balancing stakeholder interests, and the crucial role of curiosity and problem-solving in crafting digital products that resonate with users and drive business success. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ (0:00) - Intro. (2:14) - How development experience benefits her current role. (4:26) - Key skills for moving into product management. (7:00) - The synergy between product marketing and management. (9:27) - Early user involvement in development for better product fit. (13:29) - Prioritizing product quality over strict deadlines. (16:38) - Using user feedback in product betas for refinement. (21:24) - Raiana shares quick insights and personal preferences.

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    25 mins
  • Learning Over Knowing in Product with Jalen McGee
    May 31 2024

    In this episode of Launch With Confidence, we sit down with Jalen McGee, a Product Manager for Microsoft Azure Arc. Jalen shares his journey from internships to product management, offering insights into the skills needed for success and the crucial role of customer feedback in product development. Together, they explore key aspects of product management: Internship Experience: Jalen discusses how his internships at Bandwidth and Microsoft shaped his approach to product management. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the product thoroughly and prioritizing learning over simply showcasing knowledge. Skills for Product Management: The conversation highlights essential skills for product managers, including adaptability and organization. Jalen explains how context switching and balancing priorities from various stakeholders are critical for effective product management. Customer Involvement: Jalen elaborates on the vital role of customers in every phase of product development. He shares strategies for validating hypotheses through indirect testing and continuous feedback, underscoring the importance of building strong customer relationships. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ (0:00) - Intro (2:10) - The impact of internships on Jalen's approach to product management. (4:56) - Jalen's advice to his younger self about valuing learning in tech. (8:46) - Essential skills for product managers, with a focus on adaptability. (13:00) - The value of fresh perspectives from early-career PMs. (18:26) - Discussing customers' crucial role in product development and launch. (23:36) - The benefits of the energy and eagerness of early-career PMs. (27:54) - Rapid-fire questions reveal Jalen's preferences and insights into product management.

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    29 mins

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