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Experience Andy Weins Live

By: Andy Weins
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  • Speaker, soldier, entrepreneur. Andy Weins, owner of Greenup Solutions and author of the bestselling book, Words Fucking Matter. From the backwoods of Wisconsin through the sands of Iraq, Andy uses his battle tested experiences to bring audiences the Midwest reality check they need to optimize their life, their work, and their craft. Strap in for a high energy training session that will challenge the way you think about yourself and the world around you.
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  • Ep. 41 - Movement Begets Momentum
    Jul 17 2024

    Today, we're diving deep into how movement begets momentum and why the smallest actions can create significant progress. Join me, Andy Weins, as I unpack life hacks, share personal stories, and reveal the power of discipline in our daily routines.

    In this episode, we start with a moment of gratitude, reflecting on the importance of authenticity and transparency in attracting the right people into our lives. I share a recent personal experience about almost losing my executive assistant and how open, honest conversations helped us find a way to keep working together.

    We'll revisit life hacks from a previous episode and explore new ones, emphasizing the discipline needed to make them effective. From fasting to setting bedtimes and carrying a water bottle everywhere, I discuss how these simple practices build momentum and lead to greater success.

    I also touch on the value of participating in other podcasts, sharing insights on fatherhood, growth mindset, and entrepreneurship. Plus, we talk about the importance of self-reflection, regulating our behaviors in real-time, and consistently showing up as our best selves.

    Tune in for practical tips, motivational battle cries, and a challenge to identify what makes you great. Let’s get moving and create the momentum needed to achieve our goals.

    Listen now and let’s make this week amazing!

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    18 mins
  • Ep. 40 - Find Your Battle Cry
    Jul 10 2024

    In this milestone 40th episode of Experience Andy Weins Live, Andy delves deep into the power of gratitude, the strength of family bonds, and the art of embracing vulnerability. Join Andy as he reflects on the incredible success of his brother Isaac's wood art and the inspiration he draws from his brothers' creative pursuits.

    This episode isn't just about family; it's a call to action. Andy shares the importance of having a personal battle cry—a powerful phrase to help you navigate life's challenges. Learn how simple mantras like "Do the fucking thing" and "Control what's in my hula hoop" can keep you grounded and focused.

    Andy also opens up about his love for being a podcast guest and invites listeners to suggest podcasts where he can share his insights with new audiences. Whether you need motivation to push through obstacles or a reminder to stay true to your values, this episode is packed with actionable advice and heartfelt stories.

    Tune in to discover how you can harness the power of words to transform your mindset and achieve your goals. As always, Andy challenges you to get out there, do the fucking thing, and show the world who you are.

    Don't miss this inspiring episode of Experience Andy Weins Live!

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    18 mins
  • Ep. 39 - Life Hacks
    Jul 3 2024

    In this episode, Andy dives deep into the importance of gratitude, family, and the life hacks that keep him at his best. Join Andy as he shares heartfelt stories about his extended family and their unique Christmas in July tradition. Discover the routines and habits Andy swears by, including his approach to intermittent fasting, strategic caffeine consumption, and the critical role of physical fitness in maintaining mental clarity.

    Andy also discusses his book "Words Fucking Matter," offering insights into his methodologies and the power of feedback from his readers. Learn about the small yet impactful changes Andy has made to improve his daily life, from using pink noise for better sleep to driving quietly for self-reflection. This episode is packed with practical advice on developing processes that create discipline and freedom, helping you live your best life.

    Tune in for a candid, inspiring conversation that will leave you motivated to embrace gratitude, implement effective habits, and show up fully for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t miss it!

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    20 mins

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