• Intermediary: the conundrum of management in security
    May 28 2024

    Security oversight is a double-edged sword, with many in the industry juggling roles as practitioners and administrators. Even within larger organizations that support distinct leadership functions, those in middle management often find themselves balancing hands-on tasks with supervisory responsibilities.

    Join the team as they catch up with Eablement Advisors' Ivor Terret. Long overdue, Ivor talks about the plight of management and how he sees the industry moving to support the shifting paradigm towards "at the speed of business."

    How do you juggle the administrivia with the day-to-day work? Tell us at protectiontalk@outlook.com

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    2 hrs and 8 mins
  • Dionysian Discourse: Geopolitics & Gin's Dr. Treston Wheat
    Apr 19 2024

    Get ready for a compelling blend of global affairs and lively conversation! We're thrilled to welcome back Dr. Treston Wheat, the mastermind behind the acclaimed 'Geopolitics and Gin' blog. Dr. Wheat, a security expert and our favorite PhD, will guide us through today's most pressing geopolitical issues, offering insights for protectors and leaders alike.

    Join us as we unpack complex challenges and potential solutions while raising a glass (or two) with the good Doctor.

    Expect a thought-provoking discussion alongside Dr. Wheat's favorite gin concoctions and other libations.

    Find Geopolitics and Gin here. - https://tinyurl.com/yu4emjur

    Give us your thoughts at protectiontalk@outlook.com

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    2 hrs and 17 mins
  • Shop Talk: March 2024
    Mar 15 2024

    The ides of March are here, and, accordingly, the CiCP team is taking time to break down some recent news regarding the threatscape. This time, they deep dive into:

    • Threats against healthcare systems, CA Senate bill 553 (or is it 533!?!)
    • Asymmetric threats posed by digital risks such as AI or Deepfakes
    • Using software aimed at other industries (like advertising) can be utilized in the targeting space
    • Network outages and your PACE plan
    • Foreign Agents operating on US soil
    • Significant events - elections, Olympics
    • and much more...

    It's another full round of shop talk. Join the conversation at protectiontalk@outlook.com

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    1 hr and 27 mins
  • 'Napredak': A conversation w/ Ivan Ivanovitch
    Feb 25 2024

    The CiCP team is privileged to have Ivan Ivanovich, a renowned protector who advocates for a proactive, intelligence-driven approach emphasizing prevention and readiness. From his extensive executive protection experience across diverse regions like the Balkans and Latin America, Ivan offers a unique perspective. He argues that the traditional image of bodyguards with armored vehicles and weapons needs to be matured.

    Our discussion centers on Ivan's book, "Executive Protection in the 21st Century: A New Vision," exploring the shifting threats faced by executives, the role of technology in modern protection, and the significance of cultural awareness in a globalized context. Tune in as we delve into Ivan's insights on proactive risk mitigation and navigating the dynamic landscape of executive protection.


    Ivan's Book: https://www.amazon.com/Executive-Protection-21st-Century-vision/dp/8419808210

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    2 hrs and 29 mins
  • Quantification: Realizing metrics with Jim McConnell
    Jan 27 2024

    Metrics are an essential tool for measuring performance, efficiency, and reliability in any organization, big or small. However, getting started with metrics can be daunting. In this episode, the team speaks with Jim McConnell, a seasoned security expert with over 30 years of experience managing security organizations. Jim shares his expertise in defining and using metrics in a security organization. So, grab your pencil and enjoy the conversation!

    Also, if you're interested in learning more about converged security metrics, be sure to reach out to Jim at jim@askmcconnell.com and mention this podcast for a free PDF copy of top EP metrics from his book, "Converged Security Metrics: A Top 25 Set of Solutions.

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    2 hrs and 18 mins
  • Through the Threat Palindrome: Navigating 2024 with 2023's rollover risks
    Jan 5 2024

    Happy MMXXIV. After a much-needed break from the action, the team returns with thoughts on immediate risks, opportunities, and issues affecting the protective risk community. The new year comes out of the gate, looking much like the one we just left. What should you be thinking about as we roll into 2024! protectiontalk@outlook.com

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    46 mins
  • Dyad: Insights from the Close Protection and Security Journal and the Close Protection Conference
    Dec 2 2023

    As we approach Protector's week, the CiCP team grabs some air time with the editor-in-chief of the IPSB's "Close Protection and Security Journal," Doctor Treston Wheat, and the Close Protection Conference 23 lead, Bryan Flannery.

    More than a readout, both speak to the power of volunteering, making the industry greater and how the industry has evolved.

    Give us your thoughts at protecitontalk@outlook.com

    Keelson Strategic sponsors this episode.

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    1 hr and 41 mins
  • Shop Talk: November 2023
    Nov 15 2023

    Happy Thanksgiving week - the CiCP team is poised to engage in discussions that promise to dispel any lingering tryptophan-induced haze. Join us as we delve into recent and upcoming symposiums and conferences, spotlighting the IPSB's Close Protection Conference. Additionally, we address inquiries about individual planning for the forthcoming year, navigating personal rest during the holidays, and underscore the critical role of trust and openness for success in the security industry. All these topics and more await you in this month's ShopTalk!

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    1 hr and 21 mins