10 episodes
  • The Bunny Man

    Oct 31 2021

    On July 4th, 1997, two college students took a drive up into the mountains to watch the fireworks show. Things took a turn for the worst when they crossed paths with an axe murderer dressed in a bunny costume.

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    45 mins
  • Love Doll

    Sep 12 2021

    Genie Silverstein, a housewife from the year 3021, discovers her husband's dark secret. The object of his affection is not a woman, but a machine. 

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    44 mins
  • Attached

    Aug 3 2021

    A teenage girl named Cindy enters a cave believed to be haunted by a demonic spirit. Her friend, Donna sees that Cindy is not quite the same after leaving the cave, and must now find a way to save her before it is too late.

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    18 mins
  • Half Town

    Jun 13 2021

    Rudy Wilson goes running late one night when the moon is full, and is attacked by a werewolf. 

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    32 mins
  • My Friend, Bloody Mary

    Mar 28 2021

    One night, The Dark Lady peers into her mirror and discovers that her reflection is missing. She then summons the legendary Bloody Mary to help her get her reflection back.

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    18 mins
  • The Dark Lady Podcast Trailer

    Feb 21 2021

    Listen at your own risk...

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    1 min
  • Dinner With A Vampire

    Feb 15 2021

    One of the Dark Lady's ghoul friends sets her up on a blind date for Valentine's day.

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    9 mins
  • Pushing Daisy

    Feb 7 2021

    Daisy goes to the cemetery to visit her twin sister's grave. As the sun sets, she senses an evil presence lurking in the shadows.

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    10 mins
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