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  • Schaftlein Report | Economy Grows at 6.9 percent in Q-4

    Jan 27 2022

    1) The Labor Market remains tight with the Unemployment rate below 4% - Little movement in Labor Participation Rate - We are still 2M jobs below when the Pandemic started
    a. Police Departments are losing officers and are struggling to replace them due to tight labor market, rising crime and public scrutiny
    b. Stocks remain volatile as rate hikes loom
    2) Midstream 2 pipeline may not operate if Russia invades Ukraine - 760 mile pipeline under the Baltic Sea cost $11B to build to bring natural gas to Germany - China backs the Russians in the dispute
    3) DHS Secretary Mayorkis gets an ear full in his meeting with Border Patrol Agents in Yuma, AZ - Deteriorating results, agents pissed off
    4) Herschel Walker leads in Georgia and Republicans are +8 in Monmouth Generic Ballot Poll
    5) Biden plans to play Identity Politics promising to nominate a black female to replace Breyer
    *Republicans have tools to delay or stop an unqualified nominee in the Judiciary committee
    6) Progressive DA's under fire and being labeled as "soft" on crime as rates soar
    7) Video confirms Biden Administration is flying migrants on private planes from border towns to Northern cities

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  • Schaftlein Report | Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire

    Jan 26 2022

    1) Can Biden rally allies against Putin? Russians move additional forces toward Ukraine. Americans urged to evacuate.
    *Germans seem to be balking due to Nordstream 2 Pipeline slated to go into production later in the year to buy gas from Russia?
    2) The Federal Reserve lays the groundwork to raise interest rates in March in an effort to slow inflation
    3) Blue City Carjackings skyrocket - In Washington DC, 37 so far this year including a city commissioner with 7,000 car thefts in the last 2 years
    *In Philadelphia, 100 carjackings this year
    4) While a 29th House Democrat Jim Cooper (a 34 year veteran) announces he won't seek re-election, Pelosi announces plan to run again at age 82 - Will she be Leader if Democrats lose the House?
    5) VP Harris blames Covid for the Human Trafficking at the border - Her leadership at the border has been a disaster
    6) Two Republican congressmen from Texas say DHS Secretary should be impeached due to not obeying the US laws ALREADY on the books:
    a. Construction materials rusting at the border
    b. Paid for Contracts for Fencing go unfulfilled
    c. 283K Illegals being released into the US
    d. 14K pounds of Fentanyl seized at border, double last year - Mixed news here
    7) Biden approval among Hispanics is down from 59% in November 2020 to 28% today - Why?
    *Answer - Economy, Covid, Illegal Immigration, crime and late-term abortion - The same issue most Americans care about
    8) Houston Cop Killer Oscar Rosales caught in Mexico

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  • Schaftlein Report | Stocks, Mask Mandates and Biden Polls Numbers Fall

    Jan 25 2022

    1) Stocks remain under pressure after yesterday's rally into the close with the major indexes down another 2%
    *Inflation, Fed tightening and Ukraine along with a reset in earnings multiples contributing to the decline
    2) NY judge strikes down mask mandates following the lead of others
    3) In VA, mask proponents sue Governor over his opt out mask policy - Gov. Glenn Youngkin sets up Hotline to report and catch teachers teaching CRT
    4) Sen. Manchin is furious with White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein (the alleged mastermind behind Biden) for calling him out for opposing BBB bill
    5) Biden under fire for calling Peter Ducey a "Stupid SOB", then apologizing later
    6) In Harvard-Harris poll, Biden upside down 39%-53%, Trump would beat him by 53-47 and 59% Disapprove of how Democrats are running congress
    *Generic Ballot Republicans +7
    7) In stray poll, Liz Cheney crushed in Wyoming by Harriet Hageman
    8) 178K Illegal Immigrants stopped in December with many released into the US
    9) 8,500 troops put on "High Alert"
    10) Democrats will continue to push to end the Filibuster so they can push through their Radical Agenda - The recent loss is just a speed bump in their long term plan
    11) A son of a Philadelphia police officer is followed and killed in an attack, being shot 9 times

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  • Schaftlein Report | Stocks in Correction mode, Amazing NFL Games and Russia

    Jan 24 2022

    1) Biden considering sending 5,000 troops to Eastern Europe - Is Moscow considering installing a Pro-Russian leader? They deny this is the case
    2) Oil can hit $100 a barrel if conflict happens in Ukraine - Lumber is up 81% as a result of climate change efforts and demand for housing
    *Inflation rips as rent costs are up 14%
    3) Seoul paid Iran's delinquent dues to UN restoring their voting rights with Administration blessing
    4) Arizona Censures Sen. Sinema over her Filibuster vote - She is up in 2024 for re-election
    5) Fox Poll Results:
    Republican Advantages: | Democratic Advantages
    National Security +16 | Climate Change +22
    Border +16 | Racism +20
    Crime +16 | Health Care +16
    Economy + 15 | Corona Virus + 9
    Immigration +15 | Unite the Country +9
    6) Left Wing Dark money by Liberal Billionaires was behind the effort to remove the Filibuster, not grass roots
    7) A New Wave of Far Left Wing Liberals sponsored by Justice Democrats will look to challenge moderates in the 2022 midterm primaries
    8) Horrific crimes in NY, Houston and Chicago where Police Officers and an Innocent young girl were killed in gun fire
    9) Biden's Promises Not Yet Fulfilled:
    a. Free Preschool
    b. Free Community College
    c. Pathway to Citizenship for Illegals
    d. Green Energy to END fossil fuels
    e. Voting Rights
    f. Build Back Better Social Spending bill

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  • Schaftlein Report | Democrats Federalize Voting Law Collapses

    Jan 20 2022

    1) Senators Manchin and Sinema Vote to Uphold the Filibuster - Schumer's gambit fails
    2) Biden Presser - "Minor Incursion into Ukraine?" - Walk Back by Biden
    3) Biden: "Midterms could easily be illegitimate if Democratic Legislation Fails" - His Fraudulence the President
    4) NBC Poll in Line with Other Polls
    *Independents support falls from 68% to 36%
    *Blacks support falls from 83% to 64%
    *18-34 year olds support falls from 56% to 40%
    *Latino support falls from 59% to 48% - It is much worse in other polls
    *Women support falls from 61% to 51%
    5) Trafalgar Poll Biden upside down by 20 points 39-59 - GOP +14 on Generic Ballot
    6) Jobless Claims rise by 286K, highest since October
    *Rising Inflation causing Consumers to pull back
    7) The list of Biden Failures Grows and he does not even acknowledge it

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  • Schaftlein Report | Senate Showdown Over "Voting Rights" Headed for Defeat

    Jan 19 2022

    1) Pure Political Theater over a Non-Issue in Democratic Controlled Senate
    2) Vince takes us through his book detailing Democratic Lies
    3) Biden hit new Low in Gallup Poll with 40% Approval and 56% Not - This is actually higher than other recent polling where his approval rating was as low as 33%
    *Hispanic and Independent Voters are abandoning Biden
    This spells TROUBLE for Democrats

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  • Schaftlein Report | Consumers Reeling from Inflation, Stocks Fall

    Jan 18 2022

    1) Consumer Price Index up 7% and Producer Price Index up 9.7% in 2021 - With Supply Chain disruptions and too much money printing from the Federal Reserve, Where do we go from here?
    2) Energy prices are up 59% last year and oil is hovering around $84 today, gasoline and heating oil prices are causing pain for Americans - The Biden energy policies are part of the cause for this
    3) Real Hourly Wages fell by 2.7% from a year earlier despite significant wage gains and a tight labor market - Inflation was greater than the wage gains
    4) U.S. government has spent $6T on Covid since the pandemic started and now Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell is ready to raise interest rates in March along with possibly 3-4 additional hikes - What effect will this have on the economy?
    5) Republicans expect inflation to run 7% in 2022 - Democrats expect 3% - What explains this large gap?
    6) Consumer Sentiment fell to 68.8% in January, the 2nd lowest level in a decade - For those earning less than $100K, the reading collapsed 10% from December to January
    7) With Lael Brainard's Senate Vote pending, questions about her positions come into focus - She states Inflation is the top issue to fight
    *Is a potential leftward shift in Fed policy by broadening its goals from stable employment and inflation to push climate change and racial diversity?
    8) Senators Sinema and Manchin come under widespread Democratic criticism for blocking changes to the filibuster requiring 60 votes to pass legislation
    *By doing this, they helped preserve the integrity that is left in our governmental system - Senate Majority Leader Schumer pushes forward to his second major defeat

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  • Schaftlein Report | Biden Policy Losses Mount

    Jan 17 2022

    1) The Biden Agenda Dead or can he triangulate toward the middle?
    *We've seen nothing to indicate he will do this as he is beholden to his radical base and the leftists in the White House will NOT permit it
    2) Policy Losses Mount
    *Filibuster - Sen. Sinema say NO
    *Vaccine Mandates - Supreme Court says NO
    *Build Back Better - Sen. Manchin says NO
    *Voting Rights - Divisive Speech looks like the bill has NO Republican support and will be Filibustered - Sen. Schumer sets vote this week.
    *Inflation Running Hot - Replace Yellin? - He's lost the people
    *Covid - Little Progress
    *No more $300Children Payments (for now)
    *No Climate Bills (for now)
    *Border - Still wide open
    3) In Virginia, the new Governor Glen Youngkin abolishes Critical Race Theory and removes Vaccine Mandates
    4) From the Lunatic Democratic Left: 59% of Unvaxxed should be confined to home, 45% placed in Designated Facilities and 48% fined or incarcerated
    5) In January 2021, more people identified at Democratic or leaning Democratic by 49-40% - Now, those numbers have flipped 14 points to 42 Democrat and 47 Republican, +9 to -5

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