5 episodes
  • Episode 4: Megamatters: Mammoth Legal Matters

    Nov 17 2021
    Too often, legal ops focuses on managing day-to-day legal work to the exclusion of the elephants in the room: The huge, "bet-the-company," super-critical legal matters. Legal ops needs to "do no harm" in these situations, but, despite voices to the contrary, it is probably not in the client's best interest for legal ops to avoid any involvement whatsoever. What percentage of legal spend do these matters represent? How much does that vary over time? What kinds of situations should legal ops push to put some rails on vs. have an entirely hands-off approach? Chock-full of quality goodness, that is the hallmark of LegalVIEW® Insights — the leading legal industry thought leadership campaign powered by LegalVIEW Insights, the largest body of legal performance data in the world.
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    32 mins
  • Episode 3: The Importance of the Human Factor in Legal AI-Enabled Solutions

    Sep 21 2021
    In recent years, legal management solutions have changed dramatically thanks to the integration of AI technologies. The challenge lies in choosing the right vendor for your applications. Leading providers should have not only AI technology, but also extensive expertise, proven market leadership and robust data to efficiently solve your challenges and improve high-value workflows.
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    29 mins
  • Episode 2: Change Management Strategies for Your Legal Department

    Aug 23 2021
    Learn about some of the deepest impacts that technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics have made in the way how legal departments manage billing, matters and client relationships
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    45 mins
  • Episode 1: Volatility in Outside Counsel Spend: Containing the Chaos

    Jul 19 2021
    Listen to our most recent analysis of legal spend information on Q2 2021 in the LegalVIEW database. Led by our Matt Kivlin, Senior Director of Product Management for Core Solutions and Nathan Cemenska, Director of Legal Operations and Industry Insights, this discussion explores key insights and the impact of dramatic times on today’s legal industry.
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    30 mins
  • Legal Leaders Exchange: Trailer

    Jun 22 2021
    1 min