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  • Talent & Opportunity in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

    Aug 21 2021
    The pandemic has transformed work and learning, and this will be particularly evident as we emerge into a post-pandemic world. One person’s disruption is another person’s opportunity. Similarly some organizations have responded with incredible resilience, and are experiencing unprecedented growth and success. Historically great crises and catastrophes are followed by renaissances and periods of incredible innovation. What’s the difference between success and failure, between depression and excitement? Talent. This is true for both individuals and organizations. How do you foster and harness your talent? How do organizations attract, develop, and retain talent? These are crucial questions during this transitional period as we remain in a pandemic but seek our path out of it!
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    20 mins
  • The politics of the future with Andriana Lagoudes

    Aug 13 2021
    As a futurist and social designer, Andriana Lagoudes builds inclusive systems for sidelined people to unlearn their shame. Andriana does this by navigating and researching through complex political problems to design new code based on people’s best case scenario. In this episode of Metaviews, Andriana joins host Jesse Hirsh to talk about the politics of the future, the politics of care, and why we're living in a moment where ethics may be more important than aesthetics. To learn more about Andriana check out her website https://andrianalagoudes.com/ And follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andriana.lagoudes/
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    1 hr and 22 mins
  • The problems with copy and paste public policy

    Jul 19 2021
    Vasiliki Bednar from Regs2Riches.com joins Jesse Hirsh to talk about the problems arising from copy and paste public policy. This is what happens when policy makers copy other jurisdictions blindly, rather than engage in a policy process that adapts to the needs of jurisdiction. Obviously policy makers can and should learn from each other and best practices, yet often the process is the purpose, and blindly copying others leads to problems down the road.
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    1 hr and 2 mins
  • Algorithmic injustice and the infamous tale of Business_Daddy

    Jul 16 2021
    Business_Daddy is the name of a twitch user, artist, community organizer, chef, and brilliant intellectual. Their efforts to create community on twitch are both inspirational, but also controversial. In this tale of algorithmic injustice, we explore how on social media, you're often presumed guilty, without the opportunity to prove your innocence. https://twitter.com/hotdoghalo
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    1 hr and 3 mins
  • Sociopathic Innovation and the SciFi Economics Lab

    Jul 14 2021
    Alberto Cottica from the Science Fiction Economics Lab joins Jesse Hirsh to talk about Sociopathic Innovation and using science fiction to imagine alternate economic systems. Alberto's essay on sociopathic innovation: https://edgeryders.eu/t/sociopathic-innovation-how-we-are-investing-most-in-the-most-evil-technologies-long/15979 The science fiction economics lab: https://scifieconomics.world/
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    1 hr and 1 min
  • The Metaviews of Edutainment with Reuben Christian

    Jul 12 2021
    Jesse Hirsh speaks with Reuben Christian about his work exploring the intersections of our culture while getting people together to experience joy. He argues we need more emotional literacy to better appreciate our shared humanity. If more people could meet themselves, perhaps we'd focus more on our presence, rather than our future. https://www.instagram.com/reubenchristian1/
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    50 mins
  • The potential of public (sector) platforms

    Jul 7 2021
    Vasiliki Bednar leads us on a discussion on the potential of public platforrms. We have come to rightfully resent the propaganda of the gig economy that assures us platform companies are equitable when they tend to be exploitative. But they don’t have to be predatory. Other jurisdictions are experimenting with https://platform.coop/ (worker-owned platform co-operatives). It’s not too hard to imagine public sector platforms. Indeed, we must first re-imagine them as we consider whether they are worth investing in and building in-house.  There are plenty of places in the public sector that are characterized by matching problems that could be solved with an efficient platform designed with the public good in mind:  Substitute teachers and school boards;  Teaching graduates and school boards; Medical school graduates and residencies; Personal support workers and home care;  Citizens and psychotherapists; Postdoc positions at Canadian universities;  Etc.  *The province has https://www.theworkingcentre.org/regulated-professions/1151-ontarios-regulated-professions (a lot of )regulated professions, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are characterized by matching inefficiencies. Bike share programs are also a neat case study re: public investment and/or partnership in bike sharing infrastructure.   We have certain stereotypes that have come to be associated with platforms that we need to move past if we really want to reimagine them. What is an ethical/responsible platform that benefits the very same labour that it showcases? Can they exist and persist with a modest profit margin as a non-profit or thrive as a worker-owned co-operative? Can members embrace higher price points that support livable wages and benefits?
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    55 mins
  • The future of work is everywhere!?

    Jul 5 2021
    The pandemic has empowered professionals to pursue a balance between life and work, leading many to move out of major cities to find refuge in rural communities. What does this shift mean for the future of work and the role of super cities? How should government policies support rural economic development while also investing in cities as economic engines? Is the Internet transforming where we work? Fibre optic internet is one obvious essential requirement, but so are robust transportation networks, and self-driving vehicles. Can we work anywhere and everywhere? The ‘future of work’ is about more than work environments. The global challenge is to ensure that workers have the right resources to improve their lives, but to enable them to continue to work productively. For many this will mean the opportunity to live in a community that exists on a smaller, arguably human scale. Free fibre optic Internet to the home for everyone everywhere Active investment in transportation infrastructure and self driving vehicles Free online education for students of all ages Flexible work policies that make it easier for people to choose where they work Affordable housing in rural environments as well as urban
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    55 mins
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